Wed 18 Oct '23

BMIM x ADE 2023


At Buma Music in Motion we are happy to look forward to our renewed collaboration with ADE. This leading platform for electronic music is the place to be to spot the latest developments in the music scene. From musical trends and emerging talent to the latest work from pioneers and superstars. We will be present again this year with BMIM x ADE on Wednesday October 18.

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Special keynote speakers

We are proud to announce a very special keynote speakers: Cristobal Tapia de Veer, the musical genius behind the score of The White Lotus, and the pioneering Japanese composer kensuke ushio. During BMIM x ADE they will tell us all their secrets regarding composition and creating unique soundscapes.

kensuke ushio

composer, JP

Pioneering and acclaimed Japanese composer kensuke ushio comes straight from Tokyo’s underground electronic scene. He is an electronic music producer and composes for internationally popular anime, including Chainsaw Man, A Silent Voice and Devilman Crybaby.
As a child, he learned to play the piano and studied music at university. When he came into contact with electronic music at the age of 20, his artistic career took a turning point. After living in Berlin, the then capital of underground techno, he started his career in 2007 under the nickname ‘agraph’.
His passion for electronic music led him to compose music for anime series and movies. He is now doing so well that some call him the Hans Zimmer of anime. He used his musical skills at legendary anime houses such as MAPPA, Kyoto Studio, Aniplex and Science Saru, among others. With the spectacular growth of anime all over the world, his fan base is growing day by day.
In 2024, kensuke ushio will celebrate his tenth anniversary as a film composer. He is currently working relentlessly on new scores for some of the most hyped anime series of the future. He also puts together a live show in which he combines his love for anime and electronic music.

Cristobal Tapia de Veer

composer, CA

Cristobal studied classical music in Montreal and specialized in percussion techniques. One of his first soundtracks was the score for the BBC series The Crimson Petal and the White: a mix of choral singing, drums and bubbling electronic background noise. This sound became his trademark. He created a database of his own sounds: from whistling to sighs and from rattles to squeaking and hissing animals. The sound of the jungle is reflected in all his soundtracks of recent years.

Wednesday 18 October

Check-In at HBO’s The White Lotus

Talk — Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Jungle sounds, hissing snakes, pan flutes, a roaring bass and chilling screams. If there is a soundtrack that captures the atmosphere of the series well (and also keeps ringing in your head for weeks), it is the score of The White Lotus, composed by Canadian Cristobal Tapia de Veer. During ADE he will appear as

*Cue Epic Anime Music

Talk — Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Anime has been booming ever since its origin. With the rise of Crunchyroll and other streaming services, even more fans now have access to the vast amount of anime that is around. Next to that, we see lots of brands jumping to collaborate. Think of the Sailor Moon x Jimmy Choo or the Jujutsu Kaisen

Matchmaking One on One Sessions

Matchmaking — Felix Meritis

Whether you want to seek the opinion of an experienced professional about your project, discuss the future state of the industry and how that could impact your business, get feedback on your work or simply start making a deal, we’re delighted to be able to bring you together.

Networking drinks

Event — Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

This drink is for everyone that is attending the BMIM x ADE Conference.

Womxn in Media Music Breakfast

Event — Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

This breakfast is by invitation only and intended to meet your colleagues, hear what is going on in the industry and exchange experiences with other women in the (media) music industry.

Immersive Audio: The Future of Sound

Talk — Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on immersive audio, where industry experts Richard Burki (Future Phonic Studios) and Koos Zwaan (Inholland University of Applied Sciences /International Music Industry Lab) will dive into the transformative journey of the (media) music industry, highlighting the pivotal role of technology and the creative possibilities it unlocks. This thought-provoking

MEET THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS : The Power of Music on Screen

Talk — Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Where music used to play a modest background role in films and series, we can now say with confidence that it has taken one of the leading roles. Would the final season of Stranger Things have ever become so popular without that specific Kate Bush track? And would The White Lotus ever have had such

Play, Pause and Power Up!

Event — Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Gaming is hot business! With powerhouses like Gucci, Balenciaga, Lexus joining forces with games, gamers and E-sports champions, the gaming universe is blazing a trail to unprecedented greatness!And guess who’s right at the heart of this sonic revolution? You! The creators, the dreamers, the composers who transform bits and pixels into worlds of enchantment. As

Performance ADE

Performance kensuke ushio x WADA DEVICEGIRLS

Event — Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Anime in the club?! Experience the world of Devilman Crybaby in a unique performance. kensuke ushio will transport you into the dark and mesmerizing world of Devilman Crybaby through a musical journey that captures the essence of the series like never before. It will be his first European show, so don’t miss this! What sets