02 Nov '23 - blog / Event report

The iconic moments of BMIM x ADE 2023

On Wednesday, October 18 it was time! We held the largest media music conference in Europe during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). Every year BMIM x ADE returns to Amsterdam to bring together music professionals in media music. This year Felix Meritis was the place to be. The day started at half past 10 in the morning. Until the last drink was poured, there were iconic moments. Look back with us on the 2023 edition.

Women in Media Music

BMIM x ADE 2023 - Women in Media Music Breakfast
BMIM x ADE 2023 - Women in Media Music Breakfast
BMIM x ADE 2023 - Women in Media Music Breakfast
BMIM x ADE 2023 - Women in Media Music Breakfast
BMIM x ADE 2023 - Women in Media Music Breakfast

From half past 9, the Felix Meritis was full. The women invited to the Women in Media Music Breakfast entered the room with anticipation. A breakfast with croissants, fresh yoghurt and acquaintances. Once you participate in open calls and matchmaking sessions, you not only work on your career, you also expand your network. Old acquaintances embraced each other and new connections laid the foundation for the future. It’s nice to see how BMIM’s activities contribute to this.

BMIM x ADE 2023 - Women in Media Music Breakfast - CTA

Women in Media Music

Do you also want to be part of the growing and strengthening Women in Media Music community? And maybe be invited to this breakfast next year? Let us know via info@buma-music-in-motion.nl.

Women in Media Music

No fear when it comes to media music

The corridors of the Felix Meritis echoed with conversations. The panels that were just visited, were discussed in detail. It was noticeable that fear has no place in media music. Corona, Artificial Intelligence (AI), it was all discussed. Attendees saw these types of developments as opportunities for media music.

How To Make the Best of AI at BMIMxADE 2023 - Tomas Louter

How To Make the Best of AI 

Tomas Louter, composer at Media.Monks, took us into the wonderful world of AI. He showed AI tools that you can test as a composer. Many sound fragments amazed the ears of the listeners. Naturally, critical questions about copyright were asked. Tomas concluded by saying that you can use AI for inspiration, and not as the only tool.

Koos Zwaan en Richard Burke at BMIM x ADE 2023

Immersive Audio: The Future of Sound 

AI is not the only one that drives developments. The panel by Koos Zwaan (associate professor at InHolland) and Richard Burke (composer, engineer and producer at Future Phonic Studio) showed examples of how you can experience music even more deeply with technology. Corona was a catalyst for these developments. All those present indicated that they saw corona as an opportunity.

Cristobal Tapia de Veer

Cristobal Tapia de Veer at BMIM x ADE 2023

Perhaps the most iconic moment took place in the middle of the day. Cristobal Tapia de Veer, known from The White Lotus, among others, shared his creative process when it comes to creating and using sounds. Spoiler: the animal sounds are not animal sounds, but homemade sounds! He showed this during an inspiring video. In response to the question of why Cristobal doesn’t release an album himself, he said:

“Every project I did felt like my own album. That is why I really don’t do any work for myself”. 

Cristobal Tapia de Veer

A great ambition for aspiring composers to achieve: receiving work requests that all feel like their own album!

Matchmaking sessions

Matchmakingsessies BMIM x ADE 2023
Matchmakingsessies BMIM x ADE 2023
Matchmakingsessies BMIM x ADE 2023
Matchmakingsessies BMIM x ADE 2023
Matchmakingsessies BMIM x ADE 2023

This is our pride, the matchmaking sessions! This is why we do what we do: bring together music professionals who can help each other, in whatever way. Almost the entire team was ready to welcome the upcoming and established composers with open arms. In 10 minutes, 28 professionals shared their knowledge and experience. The 2 hours flew by!

Some attendees have been familiar with BMIM’s matchmaking sessions for years and continue to use them with great pleasure because it helps them in their career. Even if a career change has been made. Other attendees were here for the first time on the recommendation of a partner or colleague.

Would you also like to participate in a matchmaking session? Register for one of our activities.

Something for everyone

BMIM x ADE 2023 panel

For the people who did not participate in the matchmaking sessions, there were 2 more panels to visit. Executives from ING and Unilever shared how they came up with their brand song during the panel ‘I’m With The Brand’. During the panel ‘Meet the Supervisors: The Power of Music on Screen’, attendees were challenged to consider whether they wanted to become a supervisor.

Not 1 but 2 closing events


Netwerkborrel @ BMIM x ADE 2023

Of course, we could not end the day without a drink. Everyone was welcome in the Shaffy Hall from 5 p.m. Beer, wine, soft drinks, there were all kinds of things going on at the bar. People held a drink in one hand and kept the other hand free to shake hands. This edition once again showed that the main goal of those present was to network. And it (net)worked!

kensuke ushio  

BMIM x ADE 2023 - kensuke udhio

To top it all off, kensuke ushio gave a live performance, showing the world of Devilman Crybaby. The audience was blown away with extremely impressive images, matching sounds and an energetic performance.

See you next year?

We look back on a successful edition. Acquaintances spoke to each other again, new connections were made and horizons were broadened. But the most important thing for all attendees was networking within this specific industry!

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