12:00 - 13:00

Behind the Track (live podcast)

Het Groene Paleis (Rokin 65, Amsterdam) — Part of BMIM x ADE 2023
This activity has already taken place.

In this podcast series from Buma Music in Motion we talk to media composers. In the Netherlands there are many composers and producers who create high-level music for films, series, games and commercials. From Netflix series to Dutch hit film. Discover the stories behind a composition and get to know these composers.

Behind the Track is an initiative of Buma Music in Motion. The organization that is committed to media composers and their publishers. Every year they put them in the spotlight with the Buma Music in Media Awards, and they organize conferences, panels and matchmaking.

This podcast recording is open for public, but with limited capacity.

Ella van der Woude

Composer, NL

Ella van der Woude is a Swiss-Dutch musician, songwriter and film composer. In 2016, she produced a dream Pop/Triphop EP with Stew Jackson (Massive Attack, Phantom Limb), and more recently released “Solo Piano” on Snowstar Records, an ambient piano-based album.

Classically trained with a degree in composition, she has been composing film scores for most of her artistic life. Van der Woude has worked with top established and emerging filmmaking talent from The Netherlands, including Guido Hendrickx (Among Us, 2014; Stranger in Paradise, 2016), Ena Sendijarevic (Import, 2016; Take Me Somewhere Nice, 2019) and Mees Peijnenburg (A Hole in My Heart, 2014; We will never be Royals, 2015; Paradise Drifters, 2020).

Recent cinema-related projects include Dutch actress Halina Reijn’s directorial debut Instinct, winner of the Variety Piazza Grande Award at the Locarno film festival and Nico van den Brink’s debut Moloch, for which she won a Golden Calf and a Buma Music in Media Award.

Thalisa Jagt

Composer, NL

Graduated Film & Game composer from the ArtEZ Conservatory (MediaMusic). Specialized in classical (piano) music with modern (orchestral) influences (or ‘Light’ music). In addition, mainly for video game projects, specialized in retro-electronic music with organic layers (such as vocals and live percussion).

Thalisa has completed an internship at companies OmniSound and at the Greenhouse Studios (Valgeir Siggurdson) in Reykjavik, Iceland. At OmniSound, Thalisa not only learned to deliver music and sound design at high speed for customers, but also all kinds of (audio) work (such as voice acting, languages ​​for games, post-audio editing and boom operating). At The Greenhouse Studios she has supported clients, provided administrative work and transcribed an entire theater piece from DAW to music notation.

Amber Roner

Amber Roner (moderator)

Presenter, Story Art Studio, NL

As a freelance presenter and multimedia journalist, Amber Roner has been providing a platform for stories for almost 20 years. She does this with great energy as a host, interviewer and program maker for events, podcasts, TV and radio shows. In the past, among others for ESNS, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Sublime and Omroep ZWART. Now you might know her voice from the ‘Brood en Spelen’ podcast by GRAP Amsterdam, in which she talks to guests about current events and important themes in the music industry once every two weeks. Besides music, the main topics Amber likes to talk about are: sports, talent development, mental health, sustainability, diversity and inclusion.