Matchmaking One on One Sessions

Felix Meritis — Part of BMIM x ADE 2023

Since its inception, BMIM’s central aim has always been to act as a facilitator and enabler for the creative industries, and over the last years our One on One Sessions have proved that by placing like-minded people directly in front of each other, positive and useful things often happen. Whether you want to seek the opinion of an experienced professional about your project, discuss the future state of the industry and how that could impact your business, get feedback on your work or simply start making a deal, we’re delighted to be able to bring you together. 

Applications for Matchmaking One on One Sessions at BMIM x ADE 2023 are open. Apply via the form below. Deadline is October 11, 12:00h.

Kader Akbayir

Kader Akbayir

Head of Post Production, Scenery, NL

Kader studied management and law and made an important contribution in the field of post-production. She worked as a Post Production Supervisor at Pupkin, a renowned fiction production company and as Head of Post at Scenery, a prestigious documentary production company. Her passion for management, financing and overseeing the post-production of international documentaries can be seen from her early career to the present day.

Ramin Bahari

Creative director, DEPT, NL

Ramin is a creative director at DEPT Agency. This means he gets to decide what ads are made. Which makes him the opposite of most people, who decide what ads are skipped. Most of the times, most people skip Ramin’s ads. Every once in a while most people don’t. That’s when his work, works.
Music makes a lot of his work better. Come and have a chat with him about it. Maybe you can help him make ads, that most people don’t skip. Ads for some of his clients, like, Bitvavo or the Bijenkorf. He would love that. And so would most people.

Laura Bell

Laura Bell

Music supervisor, Bell Music Supervision, NL

As conservatorium-trained and seasoned music industry executive, having worked in roles as record label manager, sync director and managing director for production music, Bell is now proud to be an advocate for the craft of music supervision, shaping many soundtracks over the past 2 years for Dutch and international films, documentaries and series. Credits include Steve McQueen’s Occupied City, Netflix’ Stromboli and Happy Ending, Amazon’s Modern Love Amsterdam series, Cannes-nominated drama series Childhood Dreams, Dana Nechushtan’s Piece of My Heart, Aaron Rookus’ Goodbye Stranger and Sacha Polak’s Silver Haze.

Kirsten van den Berg

Kirsten van den Berg

Senior Intergrated Producer, 180 Amsterdam, NL

Kirsten is a Senior Producer at 180 Amsterdam. With more than twelve years of experience in the advertising industry, she has a proven track record in producing national and international campaigns for, among others, Pepsico (Lays) and Gatorade, ING and Rabobank, Randstad and Start People, BMW, Toyota and Lexus, Holland Casino, PLUS, Flower Council of the Netherlands, MSC cruises and Vodafone Ziggo.

Pirke Bergsma

Pirke Bergsma

Owner, Pirke Productions, NL

Pirke played in various bands and entered the advertising world in 1996 as a production assistant at Wieden & Kennedy. He rose to become a producer at Nike and Coca-Cola, among others, then worked at DDB and started his own company in 2003 with Pirke Productions. Here he works both as an agency producer for various (inter)national advertising agencies and as a production company / music producer to provide the music for productions.

Dan Bewick

Partner & Creative Director, The Elements Music, UK/US

Dan Bewick is an award-winning British composer, producer, sound designer, and DJ. Dan began his career as one half of the multi-platinum selling group, The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and throughout his career has produced numerous club and crossover hits accruing sales into the millions worldwide.
Having always had a passion for writing bespoke music to picture, he easily turned the skills he acquired whilst making records toward creating award-winning scores and sound design for feature films, computer games, and commercials.
In 2015, Dan became a Partner and Creative Director at The Elements Music, and subsequently moved from London to Los Angeles. Since joining TEM, he’s led the creative on projects for many of the world’s leading brands, such as Apple, Nike, Porsche, Amazon, TikTok, and many more. Dan’s leadership has also been instrumental in TEM being named to the Inc. 5000 list, as the 43rd fastest-growing private Media company in the U.S.

Bobby Boermans

Director, NL

After completing his education at the Netherlands Film & Television Academy, he studied at the prestigious American Film Institute Conservatory in Hollywood, Los Angeles. In 2011 he made his film debut with the thriller Claustrofiobia, followed in 2012 by his second film App. It was the first theatrical film in the world to use 2nd-screen, and the remake rights were sold to Hollywood. In 2012 he started as co-founder of the production company 2CFILM (Hartenstraat, Jack Ordert een Broertje, Oh Baby, Heart Struggle, Casanova’s, Thunderdome, Whitestar).

In 2013 he made the TV drama ROFFA (nominated Prix D’europe 2014). He then directed 4 seasons of the popular drama series Nieuwe Buren (based on the book by Saskia Noort) for Videoland. Nieuwe Buren was remade in France (M6) and was the first official purchase of Amazon Prime in the Netherlands. In 2018 he directed the successful hit Mocro Maffia, again for Videoland. It was sold to 23 countries and reached a record 50 million streams. Mocro Maffia was awarded the Golden Calf for best TV Drama 2021, the VIDEO AWARD for best on-demand series, and a DUTCH DIRECTORS GUILD nomination. Bobby also directs commercials for clients such as Heineken, Ajax, Albert Heijn, Audi, Sanex, Honda, Holland Casino, Soldaat van Oranje, Tommy Hilfiger & KPN. He is a board member of the DAFF (Dutch Academy For Film) and a member of EFA (European Film Academy).

Lars Brink

Lars Brink

Director & Owner, StudioStudio, NL

Lars is a film director and owner of film production company Studio Studio in Amsterdam. As a self-taught director, he started out in the music industry making music videos and documentaries. Now he mainly works in the advertising industry and makes commercials for brands such as Tele2, Nike, McDonald’s & Ace & Tate.

Codie Childs

Music Supervisor, Playstation, UK

Before working at PlayStation, Cody supervised various music projects in film, TV and advertising, including as Associate Music Supervisor for the documentary series Uprising (director McQueen, Rogan) and the VR experience On The Morning You Wake (to the End of the World). She also supported campaigns for companies such as Nike, Mercedes-Benz, John Lewis and the International Red Cross.
Cody is now a Senior Music Supervisor at PlayStation Studios. She works on music for videogames as well as global advertising campaigns for Sony. Recent highlights include the ‘Live from PS5’ campaign and the updated PlayStation Plus.

Max Dorsman Lemstra

Sound Production Lead, Media.Monks, NL

Max Dorsman, nowadays Sound Production Lead for the global content, data, and media powerhouse Media.Monks comes from a diverse background in music, events, and digital craft. As music performer and producer, Max has had releases on numerous record labels, like Soul Heaven (Defected) & Razor N Tape (deepanddisco) and performed in nightclubs in Europe & North America. He has also hosted and organized numerous events and talent showcases.

During his time in NYC, Max honed his skills as a music professional, gaining a deep understanding of the industry and building valuable connections with artists, labels, and other industry professionals.

Max’s passion for interdisciplinary art has led him to explore the intersection of dance and electronic music, resulting in some truly unique and innovative film pieces for the VPRO & Kranenburgh Museum. Through his work, he has demonstrated an ability to look at sound in different ways, creating experiences that engage the senses and challenge preconceptions.

Alex Heringa

Alex Heringa

Producer, Mr. Frank, NL

As a producer at film production company Mr. Frank, Alex bridges the gap between art and commerce. With a master’s degree in film directing from the LUCA School of Arts, he combines his knowledge of directing with creative production. He has worked with brands such as Nike, Evian and Adidas, among others.

Joeri Jansen

Creative Director, Roorda, NL

Joeri Jansen is partner and creative director of Roorda Reclamebureau. He is the creator of award-winning campaigns involving behavior change and positive impact. “We believe we are rational creatures. Truth is 95% of our behavior is driven by our emotions. Music plays a crucial role in persuasion.” He is the creative force behind successful collabs like “Knalplanga” with Donnie and “Ik ben de BOB” with Goldband and the recycled version of “Afscheid” by Xander de Buisonjé and the Joël Beukers banger “Vuurwerkbril”.

Marie-Claire Janssen

Head of productions, Fiction Valley, NL

Marie-Claire is head of business at Fiction Valley, where hit shows and films like Sleepers, Mocro Maffia, Sihame and Dirty Lines are produced for SVOD platforms and Dutch public broadcasters. Fiction Valley is a versatile, Amsterdam-based production company specialising in drama. Being a production house where talent and diversity in drama are embraced, Fiction Valley produces series and films for a wide range of viewers.

Marie-Claire started her freelance production career in 2006 and worked on a wide variety of productions, ranging from national successes like Penoza, Bon Bini Holland and Dropje! to international service productions like The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Before starting at Fiction Valley, she worked as head of production at NewBe, where she produced sequels to the commercial successful feature Slime films and other productions for Netflix, Amazon, Videoland and NPO.

Ferdy Joosen

Sr. Creative, The Gardeners, NL

Meet Ferdy, senior creative and copywriter at Gardeners – a boutique agency with a focus on brands that want to make the world a better place. Gardeners works for brands such as Natuurhuisje, Dopper, Yumeko, KLABU, Gulpener and fairf. At Gardeners, everything arises from an intrinsic motivation to make a positive impact, whether it concerns the employees or the brands they work for. Because, how does a brand actually make a difference? In addition to the advertising profession, Ferdy (as a guitarist) also has a great passion for music and this is regularly reflected in concepts or in sonic branding processes.

Polona Kasal

Polona Kasal

Music Supervisor, Resister Music, UK

With a background spanning from NTS radio to being a musical artist and electronic music enthusiast – Polona will find the deeper cuts you’ve always wanted but didn’t know existed. As a Music Supervisor at London based music agency RESISTER, Polona always seeks to bring a Creative left field approach to sourcing music for brands.

Emmie Kollau

Owner, Aldus Producties, NL

Emmie Kollau directs and produces podcasts, exhibitions and multimediaprojects. She is also director of Oorzaken International Podcast Festival. With a background at different broadcasters as reporter and program maker. Since a few years she leads Aldus’ productions together with Tijl Akkermans. A few of their successful Dutch story podcasts series are Buiten de Muren (NTR), Gedwongen (Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 Mei), Lopendebandwerk (VPRO) and De Man en de Maan. She loves to bring engaging stories on a personal level where the structure and music play a big role.

Aemilia van Lent

Senior Producer Commercials, HALAL, NL

Aemilia currently holds the position of Executive Producer within HALAL’s commercial department. Mostly focussed on short commercial content raging between 10-30 seconds and a minute. She started her career by working on longer projects like feature films, short films, television series and long form documentary as a freelancer. Over time, her work shifted more towards commercials. Today her role at HALAL is focussed on client engagement, treatment conceptualization, and the crafting of budgets that harmonize seamlessly with the director’s vision and align with the agency’s expectations.

Mischa Schreuder

Mischa Schreuder

Partner & Creative Director, Fitzroy, NL

Mischa is a Creative partner at Fitzroy and has more than 20 years of experience as a creative director at Havas Worldwide, Imagine, Y&R, TBWA and Publicis, among others. He has won more than 200 (inter)national awards, including a number of Cannes Lions. His award-winning work has included Mercedes-Benz, Hunkemöller, Delta Lloyd, Albert Heijn, Samsung and Lay’s.

Rogier Sol

Founder & Executive Producer, Better Call Sol, NL

Rogier started in 1999 as an assistant location manager on the set of the film Kruimeltje and subsequently worked in various positions in the film world. From 2007 to 2016 he headed production company State31, where he produced films such as Heineken The Candidate and Zeeman Fashion Week. From 2017 to 2021 he worked at Wefilm as Head of Production and was part of the management team. In September 2021, he started his own business with production company Better Call Sol. Better Call Sol produces commercials for major (Dutch) brands such as Hema, Jumbo, Rijksoverheid and

Nino Stoffels

Strategist, Natwerk, NL

It depends on what time of day you ask me. During the day I work as a strategist at Natwerk, the nicest advertising agency in the Netherlands. Around that, I spend at least as much time making music. Sometimes it’s for commercials, sometimes for other artists, but always because I’m just really looking forward to it. This ADE you will certainly be able to find me in De School on Sunday. And if you like John Maus, we’ll have a good conversation anyway.

Rachel Tauwnaar

Rachel Tauwnaar

Music Director, Ambassadors, Berlin, NL

Rachel was responsible for the music behind international campaigns for brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Nike, Adidas, Smart, G-Star and Tommy Hilfiger. Last year she composed the music for G-Star RAW – The Rhythm of Denim together with Mark van Bruggen, which earned them a BMIMA nomination. In addition to her work, Rachel has a background in singing, songwriting and classical violin. In her spare time she writes orchestral pop music for her upcoming solo project ‘Rhea’ and arranges strings for other artists.

Alessandro Tomasi

Director & Photographers Rep., HALAL, NL

Alessandro started his career in the world of contemporary art and photography, was Community and Partnerships manager of ADCN and is now Director & Photographers Rep at Halal. Here he works with both international brands and creative agencies and connects the agency and its talent with the creative industry in general.

Jasper Vierboom

Jasper Vierboom

Creative director & partner, Wolfstreet, NL

With over 60,000 hours of listened-to songs on his Spotify Wrapped, Jasper is quite the music buff. He started at Ogilvy, moved to VICE and now works as Creative Director and Partner at Wolfstreet, where he uses music in his work to enhance a story or emotion. In 2023 he was one of the jury members of the Buma Music in Media Awards.

Niels Visser

Niels Visser

Freelance Producer, Niels Visser Producties, NL

Niels has worked on a lot of international and national commercials, music videos and (short) films over the past ten years. From commercials for G-Star with SnoopDogg, a KFC commercial with rapper Joost, short Nike documentaries about gabber, bubbling & hiphop, clips for Spinvis and Meetsysteem and a Ghanaian film full of original Ghanaian tracks. He works with production houses such as Halal, PinkRabbit, Since 88, Cake and many others, in which music always plays a major part.

Sofie Vlasveld

Postproduction Supervisor, Millstreet Films, NL

After graduating from the Utrecht University of the Arts (Audiovisual media), Sophie started working as a freelancer in production. She worked on Nena, April, May & June, Hoogvliegers, The Miniaturist, Arthur & Claire and The Amazing Race, among others. In 2020, Sofie switched to post-production and now works as a post-production supervisor at Millstreet Films. She is currently working on the Videoland series Máxima.

Frank Wever

Frank Wever

Junior Producer, New Amsterdam Film Company, NL

After graduating from the University of Amsterdam with his Masters in Documentary & Fiction including courses focusing on sound in cinema, Frank joined production company New Amsterdam Film Company, the producer of Wolf (2013) and The East (2022). In the midst of a production house, he has the opportunity to further explore his interest in dramaturgy and sound within narrative film & documentary. He recently produced the first Dutch vampire film We are animals and currently assisting in completing the feature film Hardcore Never Dies.

We are always looking for new talent who want to highlight edgy subjects that can be shaped into a crossover between arthouse and mainstream film accompanied by a social impact campaign wherever possible.

Jacob Wiltshire

Jacob Wiltshire

Creative Director, Pusher Music, DE

With a love for bold and challenging music, a deep respect for the artists who make it, and a passion for cinema; Jacob Wiltshire is a music industry professional and creative director at PUSHER, carrying years of international experience in A&R, sync licensing, music production, label management and publishing.

Usually based in Berlin, Wiltshire represents and manages PUSHER’s roster of artists, composers, label and publishing partners for worldwide sync opportunities. PUSHER and its artists’ music has featured in hundreds of entertainment marketing campaigns for Disney, FOX, Warner Brothers, Universal, NETFLIX, Sony, Amazon, HBO, Activision, Ubisoft, Amazon, Hulu, Apple and A24. PUSHER’s Ads division has also landed spots for Ford, Toyota, Playstation, Audi, Samsung, Volkswagen, Porsche and Burberry amongst others.

BMIM x ADE matchmaking

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