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Meet the Music Supervisors: The Power of Music on Screen

Sometimes music does not immediately catch on when it is released but suddenly gains ground through trailers and video games. The music supervisors on this panel at BMIM Special tell all about how viewers consume music on screen and share their predictions of music supervision and sync.

Smart Income, Smart Money

A few common challenges that composers and creatives face when it comes to their finances are volume, (a lack of) transparency, and accessibility on their income streams. That’s what three leading people in the industry argue. During the Smart Income, Smart Money panel, Marcel A. Wiebenga, Nitzan Hoffman, and James Jones Jr. presented their knowledge

Same Song, Different Story – Fox Entertainment and Netflix on their Use of Music

Two heavyweights weigh in on the question of how using music in marketing and using music in content differ. Music can have different purposes, especially when it comes to different media. Both Katy Gavillet and Andy Lykens are music supervisors for two of the prominent media outlets, Netflix and Fox Entertainment. Katy Gavillet works at

Metaverse and Immersive Audio: Future of Composing Music for Media

The Metaverse is one of the hottest topics around. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg reintroduced this idea in 2021, people have expected it to be the future of sound and music. With several brands like Adidas and Nike, artists like Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, and even radio stations like iHeart Radio flocking to The Metaverse, the

Remix your Way to LA – Five Tips for a Perfect Trailer Remix

Following up on the do’s and don’t’ article we shared about when it’s time to pack your bags and move to Los Angeles to make it big in composing, we’re now sharing hands-on tips and tricks on how to create a breath-taking remix that will land you jobs there. Jake Versluis is Vice President of

Digital Marketing for Composers – How to Naturally Gain Online Visibility for your Music

How do you promote your compositions in this fast-paced field of work? Digital marketing should elevate your compositions even more, but it can be challenging to navigate. Paul Crary is the Director of Digital Marketing at Position Music and guides you through topics like getting more streams, influencer marketing, apps like TikTok, and more. During

Time To Go? The Dutch Media Composer in LA

New year, new you: time for thinking and dreaming big. Will moving to Los Angeles increase your chances of making it big time in the film industry as a composer? And how do you know when it’s time to go? The panel Time To Go? The Dutch in LA on the BMIM x ADE Pro

The Three Biggest Pitfalls in Pitching, and How To Avoid Them

It is not always easy to present your qualities in a straightforward manner to a potential client, partner, producer, or other stakeholder. In this blogpost you will find the three biggest pitfalls and how to avoid them. Having a powerful pitch ready will help you to achieve professional goals faster, attract new clients and partners,

InSync with… Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Deep dive with us into the work of music professionals, get behind the scenes information and plunge into their creative processes. Today, we’re InSync with Karolien Mazereeuw-Coolen, Head of Sync at Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

InSync with… Modern Day Composers

Buma Music in Motion is all about making meaningful connections between the music and media industry. InSync is a new, recurring column where music agencies, sync agencies and composers get the chance to talk about their top-notch productions of 2020. We will deep dive into their work, unlock behind the scenes information and plunge into