Thalisa Jagt

Keywords: Games, Film
Composing style: Orchestra, piano, electronic, vocals

Thalisa Jagt, also known as Chachanii, is a composer for film and games, sound designer, a pianist from origin and works simultaneously as a recording engineer and producer for her own Indie Electronic music. Currently, she’s still finishing her studies on Composing for Film and Games at MediaMusic, Artez Univeristy of Arts.

Thalisa’s music roots go back to the local orchestra where she played piano and continued to do so for multiple school related events. In 2019, she composed music for the trailer of a local showcase called ‘F(r)ame’. In 2021, she created music for a student animation project ‘Plague of Nijmegen’ which will be used as education material for children through the Dutch national e-learning environment: ‘SchoolTV’.

As a recording engineer she has recorded instrumentals and vocals for fellow students, music teacher(s) and the student association ‘Taste’ which included a 22-songs CD. For another school project titled ‘Dynamedion’ she contributed as a sound designer.

NFF Script & Score 2023 matchmaking

Thalisa was one of the composer in NFF Script & Score 2023 matchmaking. This was her bio:

Graduated Film & Game composer from the ArtEZ Conservatory (MediaMusic) Thalisa is specialized in classical (piano) music with modern (orchestral) influences (or ‘Lichte’ music). In addition, mainly for video game projects, specializing in retro electronic music with organic layers (such as vocals and live percussion). Thalisa has done an internship at companies OmniSound and at the Greenhouse Studios (Valgeir Siggurdson) in Reykjavik, Iceland. At OmniSound, Thalisa has not only learned to deliver music and sound design at high speed for clients but also all kinds of (audio) work (such as voice acting, languages ​​for games, post-audio editing and boom operating). At The Greenhouse Studios, she supported clients, did administrative work and transcribed an entire theatre piece from DAW to music notation.