NFF matchmaking
Mon 25 Sep '23

NFF Script & Score 2023 matchmaking

This activity has already taken place. Read the report here!

Buma Music in Motion and the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) are committed to ensure more and deeper connections between young filmmakers and the music sector. One of the initiatives that supports this commitment is NFF Script & Score. The core idea of this program is that young filmmakers and composers get acquainted with each other and their work.

Composers are asked to write music based on screenplays in development and present themselves and their work to filmmakers. These meet-ups between creative talents should lead to future collaborations and enrich the Netherlands’ thriving and innovative audiovisual industries.

Meet the composers for this matchmaking session

About NFF

The Netherlands Film Festival is the home of Dutch cinema and the leading platform for the Netherlands’ national film culture. It celebrates the achievements of Dutch filmmakers and provides the bridge between film culture and all facets of Dutch society. For professionals, the Netherlands Film Festival is the most important full-scale platform for independent, art-house, content-driven exchange and innovation.

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