Matthijs Kieboom

Matthijs Kieboom has been active as a composer for film and TV since 2009. His style can be described as thematic and melodic and in terms of sound it is a boundless fusion of genres & unique sounds. In his music, Matthijs uses special instruments, orchestras and ensembles, trying to find its own sound for each production. Matthijs has written the score for productions such as Meskina, De Piraten van Hiernaast, Hemelrijken and the documentary WILD. Matthijs is now putting the finishing touches to the score for the very popular English series Van der Valk plus the new documentary Wolf.

In 2011, Matthijs received the Young Composer Award at the Transatlantyk Film Festival, he also received the Young Talent Award in Krakow and also won the Buma Film Music Award for the score of the successful film Verliefd op Ibiza. In addition to being a composer, Matthijs is also an orchestrator, and he is senior lecturer in Film and Game composition at the ArtEz conservatory in Enschede (NL).