Kasia Głowicka

Kasia Głowicka (PL/NL) is a classically trained film, opera, and visual media, composer. Growing up in pos-communistic Poland, she become fascinated with film music of Kieslowski’s work as well as the Berlin techno scene.

Kasia Glowicka

As a film composer, her strengths lie in versatility and creativity in fusing music genres, orchestration skills, and unique spacing and dramatic scoring. As a performer and producer, she came into the international spotlight with the album “Red Sun” (Bolt Records, 2014).

Her works have been commissioned by renowned international ensembles and soloists, such as BBC ScottishEnsemble, Polish and Belgian National Opera, or Holland Symfonia to name a few. Her style oscillates in the realm between classical music, jazz, ambient, and minimalism. She works and performs with film and theatre directors, choreographers, and multimedia artists crossing genres and formats. What makes her music special is the feeling of space, unique ambiance, and haunting melodies.

Matchmaking BMIM x Generation Inclusion

Kasia also was a participant in matchmaking BMIM x Generation Inclusion. This was her introduction to the session:

Kasia is a classically trained film, opera and visual media composer. Growing up in post-communist Poland, she became fascinated by the film music of Kieslowski’s work and the Berlin techno scene. As a performer and producer, she came to international attention with the album Red Sun (Bolt Records, 2014). She has been commissioned by, among others, the BBC Scottish Ensemble, the Polish and Belgian National Opera and Holland Symfonia. Her style fluctuates between classical music, jazz, ambient and minimalism.