Jorrit Mulder

As a student, Jorrit made theater music and studied musicology and a year of composition and sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He subsequently moved on to an academic career in the social sciences and development cooperation. Since 2019, he has returned to writing music full-time, this time with a focus on writing music for media.

Jorrit received lessons in orchestration from Dr. Ludwin Norman (orchestration by John Williams) and took masterclasses in film scoring with personal feedback from Christopher Young (Drag me to Hell, Spiderman 3) and Javier Navarette (Pan’s Labyrinth). Last September he worked with Jeffrey van Rossum on the orchestration for a string orchestra for Tatta’s 2. Furthermore, he has been accepted for a paid internship as a composer at Call4Music from February 2024. This is a company that makes music for almost all channels for TV programs as well as for documentaries and films.