Jesse Nambiar (Nambyar)


Jesse Nambiar is 37 years old and lives near Amsterdam. From the age of 13, he has always been involved with music. He graduated in graphic design but always felt that music was his future. He has been writing and producing songs since he was 16. He played in the pop band Valerius, which had a number 1 hit in Indonesia, but after two albums it was time to move on as a solo artist. He signed with Sony Music. After doing opening shows for Billie Eilish, among other things, he has been releasing new music since 2020 as Nambyar. Besides producing music for himself, he also makes music for films and commercials under the name boydreaming. He composed for the international kitesurfing movie: The kitesurfing legacy begins, Mocro Maffia the award-winning series for which he made the leader, a worldwide commercial for Zara and much more.