Jeroen Jaspers & Bas van Win

Jeroen Jaspers and Bas van Win are two composers who work together under the name Nozem Audio. They strive to move people with music and sound, and to create a strong emotional connection between creators and their audiences. They have had their company since 2018 and have since been working full-time in the film music sector. They have collaborated on approximately 10 documentaries so far.

Jeroen has a background in pop/band music as a guitarist and double bassist and has a special interest in musical instruments used in folk music from all over the world, of which he has and uses a large collection.

Bas has been playing the horn in various orchestras since he was young and has also been playing other brass instruments, such as the trumpet, for several years. In addition to his love for film and classical music, he enjoys making sultry and beat-oriented electronic music with analog synthesizers.