Hernan C. Fioravanti

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hernan started as a guitar player at the age of 12. After finishing his studies at the Astor Piazzolla Conservatory in Buenos Aires, he got a scholarship to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he majored in Film Scoring. Since 2018, he relocated to Utrecht, The Netherlands, where he works as a media composer, arranger, orchestrator and educator. Additionally, he’s worked as music editor for the TV shows Van Der Valk Season 3 and Een Amerikaanse Nachtmerrie, in collaboration with Film Composer Matthijs Kieboom.

His music often features a mix of different kinds of guitars, South American Instruments such as the Ronroco, orchestral instruments, synthesizers and sampled sounds, which he uses to create unique sonic palettes specific to each project. He recently participated of Soundtrack_Cologne 2023, where he was nominated for the European Talent Award (category Best Score) for his work on the music for the short film Reunify.