Hannah Hiemstra

Hannah Hiemstra is a Dutch composer, drummer and songwriter. She studied music and music composition for four years in Dublin.


While in Dublin, Hannah was active as a drummer for several musical projects. During her studies she developed an interest in music for moving image and film which she further developed during her Master. After receiving her M.Phil in Music Composition she moved to Amsterdam, where she is based now.

In 2018 she composed music for the short animated film ‘Getting There’ by Yasmin Hanschke, which ended up winning Best Animation Award at the Dingle International Film Festival 2018.

In 2020 she did an internship at the Creative Sound Studio Antfood in Amsterdam, where she got to work on several compositional and sounddesign projects.

Hannah is always aiming for a coherent yet unexpected sound, which supports the story. Mixtures of acoustic, orchestral and electronic musical elements are often present in her sound. She finds the intricate relationship between visuals and music/sound fascinating and tries to emulate that in her work. Her music is layered and has a dark edge.