Egbert Derix

Hailing from The Netherlands, Egbert Derix, born in 1969, is a multifaceted composer, pianist, and arranger. His musical journey began with studies in Jazz piano at the Conservatory Maastricht, further enriched by private lessons in New York. Renowned for his solo piano performances, he has also shared stages and recorded with notable figures like Eric Vloeimans, Iain Matthews, John Helliwell (Supertramp), and Fish. Egbert Derix is a versatile artist, composing and performing music for various media, including television and film, notably contributing to projects like the Npo series ‘Olympische Dromen’ and the documentary ‘Gedraag ow’. His discography includes solo piano and synth albums, including the acclaimed German songcycle ‘Wandern’, which was documented in a film by Ruud Lenssen. Additionally, Egbert Derix expresses his creativity through poetry and short stories, showcasing his diverse artistic talents.