15:00 - 16:00

The Future of Composing: AI as a Limitless Tool?

Bovenzaal 2, Oosterpoort (Groningen) — Part of BMIM x ESNS 2024
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Over the last years, AI’s rapid developments has kept music creators and the music industry very busy. Both its opportunities and its impact on music creators should be further analysed. Our panellists will scrutinise the opportunities and pitfalls of incorporating AI into the creative process of composing. How can AI be helpful to composers from a creative point of view? How should we look at this from an ethical point of view? Let’s confront the very essence of creativity in the realm of AI.

This panel is co-organised by ECSA as part of their Capacity Triangle webinar series.
Co-funded by Creative Europe and CreativeNL.


artist, composer, producer, GB

BISHI is an artist, composer and producer born in London of Bengali heritage. As a multi-instrumentalist, she has been trained in both Hindustani and Western Classical styles and studied the sitar under Gaurav Mazumdar, a senior disciple of Ravi Shankar. BISHI has independently released three albums and several EPs on her own label Gryphon Records to critical acclaim. She co-produced her third album ‘Let My Country Awake,’ released in October 2021. Part-inspired by groundbreaking essay collection, ‘The Good Immigrant’ and Tagore’s Nobel-winning poem exploring borderless identity, ‘Let My Country Awake’ features revolutionary use of BISHI’s trademark electric sitar and four-octave vocal range alongside sampled interviews from Nikesh Shukla, Salena Godden, and Darren Chetty. The album’s themes focus on dual identities, anti-racism, and a call to find empathy in a divided world.

Tomas Louter

Composer, Media.Monks, NL

It took only a failed mechanical engineering degree for Tomas Louter to know for sure: he wants to succeed in the music industry. After a not-failed degree at the Haarlem Conservatory, he started working at Media.Monks. Media.Monks is a creative hub where he makes sound design and music compositions for TV commercials, radio campaigns, TikToks, Social Media Ads and loads more. This is where he has made music for Google, BMW and L’Óreal to name a few.

But it’s not only synch music that sparks Tomas’ interests. He also produces and performs music under the alias of “Modo Mero”, where he does electronic live shows. Music for commercials is often energetic and upbeat, but Modo Mero’s style is atmospheric, melancholic and a bit dark.

Even though Tomas has only just started in de music world, he is not done with it yet!

Arriën Molema

songwriter, producer, chair BAM! Popauteurs, NL

Arriën Molema is a musician, songwriter and an advocate for creators and artists. He has been awarded Platinum and Gold Awards with his band “Room Eleven”, with which he toured extensively in The Netherlands, Canada, Japan, South-Africa, Germany and Belgium. He works as songwriter and producer, with successful releases, synchs and compositions in TV-shows. Nowadays his focus also lies, next to music, on advocating for creators and artists as chair of BAM! Popauteurs. He’s also internationally active with creators-advocacy in his capacity as Vice-President of CIAM (International Council of Music Creators), and he used to be a supervisory board member of BumaStemra and board member of ECSA. Arriën is also Chair of ECSA’s Tech & AI Working Group.

Helienne Lindvall (moderator)

President, European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA), SE

Swedish-born Helienne Lindvall is chairman of the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA), but is also a professional songwriter, musician and columnist. For example, she writes the Guardian columns ‘Behind the Music’.

Helienne worked as a singer, artist and performer in Stockholm and New York before settling in London, where she signed a publishing deal with BMG Scandinavia and later with Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia. Since then she has collaborated with artists on both sides of the Atlantic, including Roger Sanchez, Sunloverz, Big Daddy Wilson and the Dark Tenor. In 2016, her song A Better Man, co-written by Andrew Fromm (Backstreet Boys, Mark Anthony) and Peter Kvint (A-ha, Andreas Johnson) reached the British Eurovision final.

Helienne regularly appears on Sky News, the BBC, Irish National Radio and Swedish National Radio, where she discusses songwriters’ rights, copyright and other music industry issues.

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