13:00 - 16:45

Composers Circle – Roundtables

Hotel Arena, Nº3 — Part of BMIM Special 2024

Welcome to the Composers Circle, don’t worry you can also join if you are not a composer! Think of these gatherings as massive brainstorming sessions, where you’ll delve into different topics alongside fellow colleagues, all guided by industry experts. It’s a chance to share insights, exchange ideas, and collectively explore solutions to common challenges. You can sign up on the day of the event. Check the welcome desk for more information or ask anyone from team BMIM!

with: Remco van Eijndhoven, Lecturer & Coach, Conservatorium Haarlem, NL

You just met a potential client and now it’s time for a follow-up! But how?! The follow-up is an essential part in the process of getting new work. You are not the only one that finds this hard and worries about finding the right tone. From sending a reminder or a media file to pitching your own idea or arranging a spontaneous catch up. We’ll discuss the whole process during this session.

with: Bindu de Knock, IP, Music & Entertainment Lawyer and Owner, CrossLink Legal, NL

From the moment you start creating music, navigating intellectual property law becomes imperative. However, grappling with IP law, court precedents, contracts, and industry jargon may not be your forte. That’s where our ‘office’ comes in—a space where you can connect with a lawyer who speaks your language and can guide you through the legal labyrinth. Understanding your rights empowers you to negotiate smarter deals, increase your income and reduce your risk. With greater financial security comes more freedom, fostering a fertile ground for creativity. Seize the opportunity to embark on a journey that will lead to a positive upward spiral.

with: Lucas van der Eijk, BMG Production Music, NL
Thijs Verdegaal, Copyright Power/Liberry, NL

Ever wondered about making production music but don’t know where to start? Start here! Production music could be your new next thing! Join these two powerhouses as we talk about emerging trends and how to activate your creativity through production music. We’ll also discuss the possibilities regarding income. Can creators tap into what brands and advertising agencies want? And if so, how? Don’t miss this chance to ask the experts anything you want to know!

with: Guido Heeneman, Composer & Chair BCMM, NL

Streaming services, new technologies, media composers and professionals have a lot of opportunities to make their mark on the industry. But what does the future for the composer really look like? During this roundtable, we’ll discuss the current state of the industry, the expectations and the developments you would like to see!

Remco van Eijndhoven

Lecturer & coach, Conservatorium Haarlem, NL

With a wealth of experience in the spotlight and behind the scenes, Remco has been combining a life as a performer with the business side of the industry for years. Formerly drummer at mashup band Memphis Maniacs and artist booker at Dox Records. At Conservatorium Haarlem, Remco fulfills the role of International Relations Coordinator, is an event manager, and as coordinator of the Entrepreneurship learning track, he offers inspiration in the field of concept development, branding and marketing.

Bindu De Knock

Attorney-at-law, Crosslink Legal, NL

Bindu De Knock is an Amsterdam-based attorney-at-law specialising in music, entertainment, and intellectual property law. Her international practice focuses on advising, contracting, litigating and negotiating for professionals in the creative industries, including artists, DJs, songwriters and producers. De Knock made her name with her first book ‘Noot voor Noot’ (2015 – in Dutch) and in 2021 she released her second book ‘The All-Round Musician: How to create a sustainable career in the music business’. Bindu also lectures at renowned private music educational institutions, conservatories and is a regular guest speaker at international music conferences.

Lucas van der Eijk

Senior A&R Manager, BMG Production Music, NL

Lucas is A&R Manager at BMG Production Music and oversees the creative music production in the Benelux. For more than a decade, Lucas works on projects that get synced in commercials, films, tv shows and series across the globe. He gets triggered when an artist, composer, or producer makes a genre their own, blending it with unique sounds and unconventional production techniques. Lucas graduated from the University of Arts in Utrecht (HKU) and composes music himself. This, combined with his years of experience and passion for media music, enables him to speak the language of music fluently.

Thijs Verdegaal

Allround Creative, A&R, Copyright Power International & Liberry, NL

Thijs Verdegaal (born December 11, 1995) has been a driving force at Copyright Power International since 2020. Operating as a creative powerhouse, his skills in design, concepting, A&R, social media, promotion, and music are unmatched. With years of experience as a music producer and DJ (Primeshock), Thijs seamlessly blends his passion for music with his professional pursuits. In 2021, his pivotal role in establishing Liberry, Copyright Power International’s music library, underscores his administrative prowess and creative contributions.

Guido Heeneman

Composer, chairman BCMM (NL)

Guido Heeneman is a successful multimedia composer who makes music from his company Call4Music for a wide variety of clients, from documentaries, feature films, game shows, talk shows, to commercials and everything in between. With titles such as Op1, In de Voetsporen van.., Hunted, Big Brother, Blow Up, Over Mijn Lijk, various films for Netflix, series for Amazon Prime and commercials for Schoonenberg, Uber & Candy Crush, among others, Call4Music belongs to the absolute top of Dutch media music. Call4Music is also active abroad.

For the AVROTROS series ‘Krabbé Zoekt Picasso’ he received a Buma Award and for the series ‘Diederik en Da Vinci’ he was nominated for the same Award. In addition, he releases music (mainly piano) under his stage name GUIDO on Spotify, among others, with which he manages to reach millions of people all over the world and also plays live in theaters and on various pop stages.
Guido Heeneman is also chairman of the BCMM, the professional association for Multi Media Composers.