17 Apr '24 - blog / Event report

Meet the amazing winners of Music in Media Awards 2024

This evening, 17th of April, the Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen (KIT) in Amsterdam was filled with the nominees of MIMAs 2024, the Buma Music in Motion team, a hardworking crew and other invitees to attend the Music in Media Awards (MIMAs) of 2024. We celebrated the best music in media of the past year with a festive award show, where the winners received their award. Together we showed the importance of Dutch composers and their work in media music.

Without further ado, meet the winners of MIMAs 2024!

Winners Music in Media Awards 2024

Congratulations to the winning composers for making the best music in films, trailers, podcasts, radio, documentaries, advertisements and television of the past year!

Winners MIMAs 2024

About Music in Media Awards 2024

An (inter)national jury selected the winners from the thirteen categories. This year, the Oeuvre Award Music in Media was awarded to Tonny Eyk, for his impressive presence in media music. Read more about Music in Media Awards.