Tessa Rose Jackson

Composing sound: melodic, organic, low-fi, vintage (sometimes) and songwriting (if suitable)

Tessa Rose Jackson

Tessa Rose Jackson is a composer, producer, songwriter and artist who releases her own work under the name ‘Someone’. Her passion is storytelling and as a film composer she loves sculpting the musical landscape in which the story takes place. She is a film-lover herself and draws inspiration from the worlds of David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Greta Gerwig, Paul Thomas Anderson, Charlie Kaufman and the Coen Brothers (amongst many others).

Jackson has been working as a composer in media for eleven years and has created work for global campaigns including Audi, Ikea and Google Nexus. Her music has also been featured in series such as HBO’s ‘New Girl’ and Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’. As she is a composer as well as a songwriter, one of her more recent adventures has been fusing a film’s score with its soundtrack. This opens a realm of possibilities, allowing Jackson to nestle herself into the film’s team in whichever way works best.

This year, Jackson has been focused on recording a new Someone album, due for release later this year. She also wrote and produced three songs for the new feature film by Antoinette Beumer, sound tracked a number of podcasts and worked on multiple commercial campaigns. Together with her partner-in-crime Darius Timmer, she is in the process of creating the full audio, music and foley for the new animation feature film by the Chinese film maker Lei Lei.