Sofia Dragt

Composing sound: cinematic, neo-classical, piano, airy vocals, vulnerable to epic

sofia dragt

Sofia Dragt is a composer, producer, vocalist and pianist. In addition to winning the Grand Prize of the Netherlands as a performing artist in 2013, Sofia also composes and produces for film and media. She composed, among other things, the music for the documentary series ‘Het Wad’ and ‘Grutto!’ (by Ruben Smit), but also her song Come Home, which she wrote for an Interpolis commercial, ended up at number 2 in the Advertising Music Top 40 of All Time 2020.

The love for the Scandinavian countries is clearly reflected in her music. Whether this concerns her pop songs or the cinematic instrumental pieces she creates. Image and film are inextricably linked to her music and hopefully you will end up in your own film when you turn it on. Her most recently released concept album ISA was written and produced in Iceland and is a mix of indie pop songs with instrumental tracks. She is also part of the band Luminar, founded with Evert Zeevalkink, with some international syncs.