Paja’s musical odyssey began in his teenage years, where he honed his craft as a DJ, immersing himself in the world of beats and hip hop. Transitioning into his twenties, he explored rock music as a lead singer and bass player, showcasing his versatility. Yet, it was electronic music that ignited his creative spark, leading him to pursue formal music education at Codarts in Rotterdam.

His talent and dedication caught the eye of a prominent label in Amsterdam, resulting in the release of an EP that bore his distinctive touch as a composer, producer, lyricist, and vocalist. This marked a pinnacle in his career, demonstrating his prowess across various musical domains. Despite his success, Paja’s passion for teaching music persisted. Graduating as a certified music teacher, he now imparts his knowledge and love for music at a primary school in The Hague. Even amid his teaching responsibilities, Paja continues to nurture his own musical endeavors, finding time to DJ, produce beats, and write songs. His journey stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to music, both as a performer and a mentor, inspiring the next generation of musicians while pursuing his own artistic endeavors.