Mert Gençer

Mert Gençer is a multi-instrumentalist composer, sound designer, and an audio engineer. With a string of critically acclaimed professional appearances in spatial augmented reality productions, including the world’s largest 3d mapping show ‘Conquest of Istanbul 563rd Anniversary’ (2016), he has expanded his practice to encompass commercials, films, installations, and producing other artists. Over the years, he has crafted productions for renowned clients such as Adidas, Samsung, Vodafone, KPN, Fox, and WWF.

In addition to his professional career, he explores creative artistic expression through his alter ego, lowkolos. As lowkolos, he departs from traditional composition methods characterized by repetitive harmonic structures, grids, and metric measurements. Instead, he delves into a genre-bending fusion of music, drawing inspiration from sampling, contemporary jazz, electro-acoustic music. To date, lowkolos has released three albums and two EPs.