Martijn Bressers

Martijn is a composer, producer and musician who loves to translate stories into music. He plays his first notes on the clarinet in various orchestras, but soon the electric guitar captures his heart. Using an old microphone amplifier and hi-fi speaker, he taught himself to play the guitar, a skill he continued to develop at the Herman Brood Academy. Over the years, Martijn has delivered numerous performances in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and China, together with Emil Landman and FOSS.

During his studies in Composition & Music Production at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), he cultivated his passion for film music. After earning his bachelor’s degree in 2021, he continues this journey with a Master’s in Music Design, graduating in 2023. Some recent films for which Martijn composes the music include Doodzwijgen (Lisa Hukker) and Eva Gaat Niet (Valerie Rutjes), both screened at the Netherlands Film Festival 2023 (NFF).