Lilian Hak

Composing sound: melodic, cinematic, organic, electronic, sampling, songwriting, vocals, pop, jazz, indie, crossover, melancholic, orchestral, suspense

Lilian Hak

Dutch artist Lilian Hak is a vocalist, songwriter, composer and producer. Her music travels through cinematic pop, jazz, avant-garde electronica with a wide palette of instrumentation for the arrangements. All of the many different facets Lilian embodies come to life through her music for theatre, cinema, media and album recordings.

Hak’s compositions come to life through a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments and resampling techniques. Her musical interests extend across a wide range of genres. She loves old movie soundtracks and is influenced by scenes from Bacall and Bogart film noir. “When I write music, it has a very visual place in my mind. It has a place full of characters, colours and landscapes”.

As an artist she performed in numerous venues, at festivals and in theatres, accompanied with a band, string quartet and even orchestra. Next to live performance she drew attention of media and was featured in several prime-time TV shows and radio stations.

Apart from four full- length albums and several singles including remixes she released, Lilian collaborated with other artists, such as T.Raumschmiere, Scanner, Matthew Herbert, Wouter Hamel, Pitto, IET and LHISPR.

Hak studied at Conservatory of Utrecht (HKU). Since 2021 she teaches songwriting and music production at MediaMusic, Artez University of Arts. Aside-from her own projects she composes songs for TV commercials, music for documentaries, film or other media and works as a voice-over actor. At the end of this year the upcoming full- length album ‘Little Torch’ of jazz singer Wouter Hamel will be released. She has co-written, produced and mixed this album.