Jasper Boeke

Ever since his first music lessons as a child Jasper started composing. Mainly pop songs at first, but followed by instrumental work for theatre and modern ensembles. In 2010 he started writing for screen, both drama and documentary, both TV and feature film. His training as an actor made him look at a movie in a more storytelling way than fellow composers, leaning on dramaturgy and the psychological background of characters. Jasper always starts with a strong musical concept and he starts as early as possible, to allow directors to use his material when they start editing.

Some of his most treasured documentaries are: Matthew’s Laws (Marc Schmidt, 2012, Gouden Kalf), The Chimpanzee Complex (Marc Schmidt, 2014), Hollands Welvaren (Michiel van Erp, 2014), The Millennials (Luc Goedaert, 2018) and JC (David Kleijwegt, 2020).