Giuseppe Doronzo 


Giuseppe Doronzo is an award winning composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Amsterdam. As composer and performer, he writes for music ensembles ranging from solo projects to large ensembles, film productions and dance performances. His compositions have been performed and/or screened in music and film festivals worldwide including EYE Film Museum (The Netherlands); MO Museum of Vilnus (Lithuania); New York Video Art & Experimental Film Festival VAEFF (USA); Toronto independent film festival of Cift (Canada). He has received the BUMA Music in Motion Award in 2022 and his music for film has been described as “original, progressive and surprising”.

As film composer, he also uses less traditional orchestration and instrumentation to captivate the audience and give a unique sound feature to the film. In his working philosophy, he prefers to collaborate closely with the director’s vision and understand the needs and the weight of the music in the production. For instance, in the music he wrote for the multi-award winner short film Goya, he blended the sounds of baritone sax, gong, angklung and electronic music aiming to find a balance between the noise-silence dichotomy of the urban and natural places encountered by the film character.

As producer, he runs a Dutch based record label, Tora Records, that gained international recognition, receiving Best Album awards and positive critics in several international journals (i.e. All About Jazz, El Intruso, The Wire, Jazzism).

As performer and composer, he can be seen among his current projects as Solo, AVA Trio, Aterraterr, Michael Moore Bigtet, All Ellington, Raoul van Der Weide XPE. He has worked with creative artists covering various fields of the national and international art scene including: Michael Moore, Joe Lovano, Chris Potter, Mariem Hassan, Kudsi Erguner, Vince Mendoza, Han Bennink, NDR Big Band, João Bosco, Kiko Freitas, Robin Eubanks, Paolo Fresu, Tullio De Piscopo, Taylor Ho Bynum, Steve Potts, Roberto Ottaviano, Ralph Alessi, Gianni Lenoci, Lothar Sthal, Jens Pollheide, Irene Aebi Lacy, Jim Black, Benjamin Herman, Matt Wilson. He has played worldwide in venues and festivals including OCT LOFT Jazz Festival, Xihu Festival, Shanghai World Music Festival (China); Vahdat Hall (Iran), Bimhuis, Gaudeamus Muziek Week Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival (The Netherlands); Jazzahead (DE) Novosadski Jazz Festival (Serbia); Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival 2018, Reggia della Venaria (Italy); Die Aegidien church, NDR Funkhaus (Germany); Meutiviti Festival (Denmark); Ljubliana Jazz Festival (Slovenia).

He has been broadcast in various radios and tvs, including on VPRO, RAI Radio 3, NPO 1.