Eveline Ypma

Eveline Ypma is a multi-instrumentalist and graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2013 in pop music with the main instrument bass guitar.

Eveline Ypma

During her studies she refines her singing technique by doing background vocals in various bands and eventually taking on the lead vocals for her final project. After the conservatory of Amsterdam she went to the HKU Music Technology to obtain a Master’s degree in Music Design. During this study she immersed herself in collaborations with theater and dance and added Ableton and synthesizers to her live performances. In order to delve further into teaching practice, she then completed the post-HBO music teacher training course at Aslan Muziekcentrum. Here she got to know and play various instruments from non-Western music such as the saz, darbuka and def.

All this knowledge gained through various ways results in a range that Eveline currently uses to provide films with music. By experimenting with sounds on these instruments, she creates a unique sound palette for each project. Today she combines this with sound design gained from field recordings on set or surroundings, adding an extra dimension to the compositions.

Matchmaking BMIM x Generation Inclusion

Eveline was also a participant in the matchmaking session BMIM x Generation Inclusion. This was her introduction:

Eveline focuses as a composer and multi-instrumentalist on music for film. During various music courses, she learned to play all kinds of non-Western instruments in addition to bass guitar. She composes for various media and art forms and does field recording. Eveline mixes these different elements together, experiments with them and creates a sound palette that gives an extra layer and meaning to the film.