Daan Hofman

Winner of BMIM New Talent Award in the BMIM Awards 2020 for Danny and the Wild Bunch.

More about Daan Hofman

Daan Hofman is a multi-award-winning film composer and songwriter, born and based in Amsterdam. He studied theatre in Utrecht and music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. As a singer-songwriter, he wrote 2 albums and toured with his band for years. More recently, he received a degree in Electronic Music from Point Blank London and completed a Master in Media Composition from Chichester University. He is best known for his playful indie chamber music with a melancholic touch. In all of his music, telling stories and reflecting on the human condition is the most important element of his work. He scored short films such as ‘De Overkammer’ by Raymon Hilkman, ‘Blue Rain’ by Jet Kragt, ‘Gush’ by Juliette van Ardenne and 2 documentaries by Twan Huys. In addition, he has a permanent collaboration with film director Jorgen Schöltens, and writes the music for ‘Muze’, and the feature films ‘Vaders & Zonen’ and ‘Little Amsterdam’. For the latter, he received a BMIM nomination ‘Best Original Score for short film’. Daan also was one of the composers during BMIM matchmaking session with Oorzaken Festival.