01 Jun '22 - blog / Collab

Charley van Veldhoven – Lachgaskoning Deniz

One of the most recent releases of Videoland Academy is the three-part documentary about former “Lachgaskoning Deniz”.  Videoland Academy offers a new generation of makers the opportunity to develop and broaden horizons within the professional practice. This is were BMIM joins in. The wonderful composer Charley van Veldhoven has been linked to the filmmakers via BMIM and has made a great score. This is proof that BMIM matchmaking is the perfect opportunity to expand your network and acquire meaningful connections to collaborate with.

Charley started off her musical career as a classically trained pianist. She graduates in 2020 with triple Honors from Music and Technology (HKU) and now she composes for films, games and commercials among others. Some examples of her work are sonic branding and music for Multi-Award Winning game “Reducept“, productions for music house Antfood, MassiveMusic, THNDR and trailermusic company The Solos, BMG and Universal.