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Behind the collaboration: A talk with composer Jac van Exter and podcast maker Lieselot Mariën about White Out

Lieselot Mariën and Jac van Exter are currently working on the documentary White Out, created for Oorzaken Festival and the podcast DOCS by Dutch broadcast station NTR in collaboration with Buma Music In Motion. The documentary will see the light with a live session in front of an audience on 3 June. During the premiere,

Tessa Rose Jackson and Darius Timmer – Silver Bird and Rainbow Fish

One of our successful collabs was when we put Tessa Rose Jackson and Darius Timmer ‘in the spotlight’ at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020, together with some other Dutch composers. The animator-filmmaker Lei Lei came into contact with Tessa and Darius and that’s how they started working together. They produced the animated film Silver

Charley van Veldhoven – Lachgaskoning Deniz

One of the most recent releases of Videoland Academy is the three-part documentary about former “Lachgaskoning Deniz”.  Videoland Academy offers a new generation of makers the opportunity to develop and broaden horizons within the professional practice. This is were BMIM joins in. The wonderful composer Charley van Veldhoven has been linked to the filmmakers via