12:00 - 15:45

Behind the Track (live podcasts)

Hotel Arena, Nº2

In this podcast series from Buma Music in Motion we talk to media composers together with Amber Roner. In the Netherlands there are many composers and producers who create high-level music for films, series, games and commercials. From Netflix series to Dutch hit film. Discover the stories behind a composition and get to know these composers.

These episodes will focus more on the advertising side of media music.

12:00 – 12:45 | #1 – Deep Dive in the World of Music Agencies
with Jasper Slijderink (MassiveMusic) and Maik Cox (Amp.Amsterdam)

13:15 – 14:00 | #2 – Deep Dive in the World of Music Agencies
with Guido Maat (Heron Music) and Joshua Petit (Soundsrights)

14:40 – 15:25 | #3 – Let’s Talk about Media Music
with composers Belle Doron and Sofia Dragt

Listen to Behind the Track on Spotify


  • Jasper Slijderink
    Music Creative, MassiveMusic Amsterdam, NL
  • Maik Cox
    Head of Music Production, Amp.Amsterdam, NL
  • Guido Maat
    Creative Director / Founder / Composer, Heron Music, NL
  • Joshua Petit
    Co-Founder / Music Producer, Soundsright, NL
  • Belle Doron
    Composer, CUT_, NL
  • Sofia Dragt
    Composer, NL


  • Amber Roner
    Presenter, Story Art Studio, NL
12:30 - 13:30

Screen Soundtracks: The Power of Music Supervision

Hotel Arena, Kapel

Music used to play a low-key background role in films and series, but we can now say with confidence that is has taken one of the leading roles. This is partly because of the hard work of music supervisors. They are the driving force behind this shift, and their thorough strategy together with publishers, labels and other parties has paid off.

Music supervision and music placement in trailers, games, TV series, movies and ads provides a significant revenue stream for the music industry. Get to know these amazing music supervisors and hear about their work and creative process.


  • Karen Spearing
    Music Supervisor for TV & Music Consultant, UK
  • Kathleen Wallfisch
    Music Supervisor, Music In Vision, DE
  • Polona Kasal
    Music Supervisor, Resister Music, UK


  • Mark Gordon
    Founder/Composer, Score Draw Music, UK
12:30 - 13:30

Talent Tuner

Hotel Arena, Nº1

You pour your heart and soul into your music and want to show it off to the world. The most valuable thing you can get during this process is real feedback. That’s where the Talent Tuner comes in. It’s your chance to connect with industry maestros, get insightful feedback from eleven professionals and tune in! Elevate your craft to new heights with expert advice, networking, and a collaborative spirit.

Picture this: it’s a chance to present your work to the who’s who of media music. These pros are ready to share their tips and strategies. All in a nurturing environment surrounded by people who want to see you shine. We’ve got you covered!

You can request up to three meetings in total. After the deadline we will create all matches based on profiles and motivations. We strive to match everyone’s preferences as much as possible, but we cannot make any guarantees.

Applications for Talent Tuner at BMIM Special 2024 are closed. Deadline was May 17th, 12:00h.


  • Ella Sonke
    Founder & Business Director, Heron Music, NL
  • Gyo Kretz
    A&R Manager / Music Producer, Magma Music Agency, NL
  • Maik Cox
    Head of Music Production, Amp.Amsterdam, NL
  • Matthijs Kieboom
    Composer, DFC, NL
  • Mees van der Velde
    Music Producer / A&R, Sizzer, NL
  • Niels de Jong
    Founder / Sonic strategist, TAMBR, NL
  • Niels den Otter
    Founder/Owner & Executive Producer, Audentity, NL
  • Niels van der Wielen
    Senior Composer and A&R Manager, MassiveMusic, NL
  • Roos Herbrink
    Music Supervisor, Clear Music, NL
  • Steve Johnsen
    Founder & Music Producer, Never Square Music, NL
  • Tom Tukker
    Composer, Producer & Music Director, Tom Tukker Music, NL
13:00 - 16:45

Composers Circle – Roundtables

Hotel Arena, Nº3

Welcome to the Composers Circle, don’t worry you can also join if you are not a composer! Think of these gatherings as massive brainstorming sessions, where you’ll delve into different topics alongside fellow colleagues, all guided by industry experts. It’s a chance to share insights, exchange ideas, and collectively explore solutions to common challenges. You can sign up on the day of the event. Check the welcome desk for more information or ask anyone from team BMIM!

13:00 – 13:45 | #1 – Unveiling Production Music
with: Lucas van der Eijk, BMG Production Music, NL
Thijs Verdegaal, Copyright Power/Liberry, NL

Ever wondered about making production music but don’t know where to start? Start here! Production music could be your new next thing! Join these two powerhouses as we talk about emerging trends and how to activate your creativity through production music. We’ll also discuss the possibilities regarding income. Can creators tap into what brands and advertising agencies want? And if so, how? Don’t miss this chance to ask the experts anything you want to know!

14:00 – 14:45 | #2 – Contracts & Author Rights
with: Bindu de Knock, IP, Music & Entertainment Lawyer and Owner, CrossLink Legal, NL

From the moment you start creating music, navigating intellectual property law becomes imperative. However, grappling with IP law, court precedents, contracts, and industry jargon may not be your forte. That’s where our ‘office’ comes in—a space where you can connect with a lawyer who speaks your language and can guide you through the legal labyrinth. Understanding your rights empowers you to negotiate smarter deals, increase your income and reduce your risk. With greater financial security comes more freedom, fostering a fertile ground for creativity. Seize the opportunity to embark on a journey that will lead to a positive upward spiral.

15:00 – 15:45 | #3 – Future of Media Music
with: Guido Heeneman, Composer & Chair BCMM, NL

Streaming services, new technologies, media composers and professionals have a lot of opportunities to make their mark on the industry. But what does the future for the composer really look like? During this roundtable, we’ll discuss the current state of the industry, the expectations and the developments you would like to see!

16:00 – 16:45 | #4 – Mastering the Art of Follow Up
with: Remco van Eijndhoven, Lecturer & Coach, Conservatorium Haarlem, NL

You just met a potential client and now it’s time for a follow-up! But how?! The follow-up is an essential part in the process of getting new work. You are not the only one that finds this hard and worries about finding the right tone. From sending a reminder or a media file to pitching your own idea or arranging a spontaneous catch up. We’ll discuss the whole process during this session.


  • Lucas van der Eijk
    Senior A&R Manager, BMG Production Music, NL
  • Thijs Verdegaal
    Allround Creative, A&R, Copyright Power International & Liberry, NL
  • Bindu De Knock
    Attorney-at-law, Crosslink Legal, NL
  • Guido Heeneman
    Composer, chairman BCMM, NL
  • Remco van Eijndhoven
    Lecturer & coach, Conservatorium Haarlem, NL
13:00 - 13:30

Pitch Perfect: Unravelling the Pitching Process – Insights from a Music Supervisor

Hotel Arena, Nº4 & Nº5

Led by Laura Bell, one of the Netherlands’ pioneering music supervisors in film and TV, this session is a must-attend for composers, music supervisors and everyone in between! Explore the art of pitching as Laura shares invaluable insights on how to stand out and ensure your online presence truly reflects your essence as a composer.

Laura will guide you through crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with potential collaborators. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an industry trailblazer and take your pitching skills to new heights!


  • Laura Bell
    Music supervisor, Bell Music Supervision, NL
14:00 - 15:00

Fresh Ideas From Abroad: What we can learn from Music Agencies Worldwide

Hotel Arena, Kapel

Designed for media music professionals eager to expand their horizons, this session will spark inspiration and offer fresh perspectives. While we are proud of the exceptional talent and quality of our Dutch music agencies, this panel aims to broaden our perspective and explore the cutting-edge strategies that are driving success abroad.

Discover the latest technological innovations that are revolutionizing the industry, learn how top agencies foster collaborative relationships with artists, and uncover the unique approaches they use to scout and nurture new talent. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and ideas that can elevate your work and push the boundaries of creativity. In this panel we will hear from Black Sheep Music and Heavy Duty Projects.

Heavy Duty Projects has studios in New York, London and Los Angeles. They have recently launched campaigns for Gatorade, Google X, Barbie, Samsung, Hot Wheels and many more.
Black Sheep Music is a part of BBH London and is specialized in trailer music and sound design. Recent projects are trailers for Deadpool & Wolverine, The Last of Us, Call of Duty and many more.


  • Daniel Olaifa
    Music Supervisor, Black Sheep Music, UK
  • Tom Cathcart
    Music Producer, Heavy Duty Projects, UK


  • Tessa Rose Jackson
    artist, composer, Someone, NL
14:15 - 15:15

How to Tackle Streamer Contracts

Hotel Arena, Nº4 & Nº5

Embarking on your journey as a media composer? It’s important to understand the complex world of contracts, especially when negotiating contracts with streaming platforms. Join us for an eye-opening panel discussion where we’ll explore the key aspects of contract negotiation.

How do you make sure you are paid fairly for your creative work? What is the role of organizations like BumaStemra and other CMOs in protecting your rights? Our experienced panel will give you valuable insights to help you protect your interests, identify red flags and negotiate contracts that work for you.

This panel is in collaboration with ECSA and BumaStemra.


  • Anselm Kreuzer
    FFACE Vice-Chair, ECSA, DE
  • Valerie Dobbelaere
    Film Music Publicist, Strike A Score, BE
  • Marc Huiskamp
    Account Manager Members & Markets, BumaStemra, NL


  • Mark Gordon
    Founder/Composer, Score Draw Music, UK
14:30 - 16:00

Matchmaking: One on One Sessions

Hotel Arena, Nº1

Since its inception, BMIM has been dedicated to facilitating and empowering the creative industries. Our One-on-One Sessions exemplify this commitment by connecting like-minded individuals directly, resulting in meaningful and productive interactions.

We’re thrilled to help you connect with experts about your project, understand the future of the industry and its impact on your business, receive feedback on your work, and make deals.

You can request up to three meetings in total. After the deadline we will create all matches based on profiles and motivations. We strive to match everyone’s preferences as much as possible, but we cannot make any guarantees.

The application for Matchmaking: One on One Sessions at BMIM Special 2024 is closed. Deadline was May 30, 12:00h.


  • Bobby Boermans
    Director, NL
  • Chayenne van den Hazel
    Music Supervisor / Cognitive Musicologist, Bell Music Supervision, NL
  • Einar Ihle
    Music & Sound Design lead, Media.Monks, NL
  • Frank Wever
    Producer, New Amsterdam Film Company, NL
  • Joey Boeters
    Creative partner / CO founder, Happiness Amsterdam, NL
  • Josie Taalman
    Head of Production, KeyFilm, NL
  • Julia Weyts
    Sound Director & Lead, Sonhouse Amsterdam, NL
  • Karen Spearing
    Music Supervisor for TV & Music Consultant, UK
  • Kathleen Wallfisch
    Music Supervisor, Music In Vision, DE
  • Michelle Hoekstra
    Lemming Film, NL
  • Mikki Sindhunata
    Director, DPPLR, NL
  • Mira Mendel
    CEO / Producer, Interakt, NL
  • Nicky Onstenk
    Producer, IJswater Films, NL
  • Polona Kasal
    Music Supervisor, Resister Music, UK
  • Tom Cathcart
    Music Producer, Heavy Duty Projects, UK
  • Tom Fekkes & Yanick Pilgram
    Post supervisor, Pupkin, NL
15:45 - 16:45

Melodic Integrity: Responsible AI and More

Hotel Arena, Nº4 & Nº5

Our journey with AI continues. We have talked about opportunities, challenges and seen a very hands-on approach during previous conferences, this time we want to talk about responsible AI and creativity. Hendrik Vincent Koops will start a short masterclass on responsible AI, where ethics and social implications of AI will be discussed. How can we strive towards a responsible use of this new technology that is developing very quickly.

After this masterclass we will look at some examples made by competitors in the AI contest by Private Kitchen. Join us on this listening session where we talk through the creative process that the nominees went through while composing with AI. Which tools were being used, what challenges did the composers encounter?

This panel is in collaboration with Private Kitchen.

Interested in AI, also check out these articles:
BMIM x ADE: How To Make the Best of AI
BMIM x ADE: Immersive Audio – The Future of Sound


  • Hendrik Vincent Koops
    Senior Machine Learning & Audio Scientist, Universal Music, NL
  • Ivo Witteveen
    Editor, Private Kitchen, NL
  • Than van Nispen
    Researcher, lecturer, biologist, music designer, HKU, NL


  • Rens Machielse
    composer, producer, Private Kitchen / MiMM, NL
16:00 - 17:00

Hauschka Unlocked: a Keynote by Volker Bertelmann

Hotel Arena, Kapel

We have an Oscar winning composer in the house! Join us for a keynote session featuring the renowned composer, Volker Bertelmann. Known for his innovative use of the prepared piano as Hauschka, his compositions have left an unforgettable mark.

Hauschka, also known as Volker Bertelmann for his film composing, is a German musician, experimental pianist, and composer. Transitioning from his roots in rock music to classical training in Dusseldorf, he swiftly made a name for himself in the realm of film composition as Volker Bertelmann. From his groundbreaking works to his collaborative spirit with filmmakers, delve into the secrets behind his success and uncover how you too can elevate your craft in media music. Join us as we explore the keys to creativity and unlock the distinctive Hauschka/Bertelmann sound.


  • Volker Bertelmann (Hauschka)
    Composer, DE


  • Tessa Rose Jackson
    artist, composer, Someone, NL
17:00 - 19:00

BMIM Special Closing Drinks

Hotel Arena, Foyer

When do the best conversations happen? During the drinks! That’s why we’re opening the bar after BMIM Special 2024 to anyone who feels like a drink and finishing the conversations you started during the day. Who knows, you might meet a potential working partner or get the chance to brainstorm with one of your fellow creatives.

This drink is for everyone that holds a BMIM Special 2024 ticket.