Ambition, creativity and connecting like-minded people.

Ready? For the second time in a row we will present: BMIM Special. Thé place for the media music professional to connect, learn more about current developments ánd get inspired. Expect panels, matchmaking sessions and much more.
BMIM Special 2024 is sold out!

Meet various professionals from the music industry and broaden your network

Talk to like-minded people and learn from each other’s (work) experiences.

Check the aftermovie from last year via the link below.

Aftermovie 2023
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Get inspired at one of the workshops, talks and matchmaking sessions

The first updates of the BMIM Special 2024 programme are online. Check them out on our programme page. We also recommend reading the report of Meet the Music Supervisors of last year, and checking out the article about Artificial Intelligence: a useful tool or a threat to the media composer.

Programme BMIM Special

Truly amazing speakers

Be inspired by these powerhouses in media music!

Volker Bertelmann (Hauschka)

Composer, DE
Amber Roner

Amber Roner

Presenter, Story Art Studio, NL

Anselm Kreuzer

FFACE Vice-Chair, ECSA, DE
Belle Doron

Belle Doron

Composer, CUT_, NL

Bindu De Knock

Attorney-at-law, Crosslink Legal, NL

Bobby Boermans

Director, NL

Chayenne van den Hazel

Music Supervisor / Cognitive Musicologist, Bell Music Supervision, NL

Daniel Olaifa

Music Supervisor, Black Sheep Music, UK

Einar Ihle

Music & Sound Design lead, Media.Monks, NL

Ella Sonke

Founder & Business Director, Heron Music, NL

Frank Wever

Producer, New Amsterdam Film Company, NL

Guido Heeneman

Composer, chairman BCMM, NL

Guido Maat

Creative Director / Founder / Composer, Heron Music, NL

Gyo Kretz

A&R Manager / Music Producer, Magma Music Agency, NL

Hendrik Vincent Koops

Senior Machine Learning & Audio Scientist, Universal Music, NL

Ivo Witteveen

Editor, Private Kitchen, NL

Jasper Slijderink

Music Creative, MassiveMusic Amsterdam, NL

Joey Boeters

Creative partner / CO founder, Happiness Amsterdam, NL

Joshua Petit

Co-Founder / Music Producer, Soundsright, NL

Josie Taalman

Head of Production, KeyFilm, NL
BMIM sprekers - Julia Weyts

Julia Weyts

Sound Director & Lead, Sonhouse Amsterdam, NL

Karen Spearing

Music Supervisor for TV & Music Consultant, UK

Kathleen Wallfisch

Music Supervisor, Music In Vision, DE

Laura Bell

Music supervisor, Bell Music Supervision, NL

Lucas van der Eijk

Senior A&R Manager, BMG Production Music, NL

Maik Cox

Head of Music Production, Amp.Amsterdam, NL

Marc Huiskamp

Account Manager Members & Markets, BumaStemra, NL

Mark Gordon

Founder/Composer, Score Draw Music, UK

Matthijs Kieboom

Composer, DFC, NL

Mees van der Velde

Music Producer / A&R, Sizzer, NL

Michelle Hoekstra

Lemming Film, NL
Mikka Sindhunati

Mikki Sindhunata

Director, DPPLR, NL

Mira Mendel

CEO / Producer, Interakt, NL

Niels de Jong

Founder / Sonic strategist, TAMBR, NL

Niels den Otter

Founder/Owner & Executive Producer, Audentity, NL

Niels van der Wielen

Senior Composer and A&R Manager, MassiveMusic, NL

Nicky Onstenk

Producer, IJswater Films, NL

Polona Kasal

Music Supervisor, Resister Music, UK

Remco van Eijndhoven

Lecturer & coach, Conservatorium Haarlem, NL

Rens Machielse

composer, producer, Private Kitchen / MiMM, NL

Roos Herbrink

Music Supervisor, Clear Music, NL
sofia dragt

Sofia Dragt

Composer, NL

Steve Johnsen

Founder & Music Producer, Never Square Music, NL

Tessa Rose Jackson

artist, composer, Someone, NL

Than van Nispen

Researcher, lecturer, biologist, music designer, HKU, NL

Thijs Verdegaal

Allround Creative, A&R, Copyright Power International & Liberry, NL

Tom Cathcart

Music Producer, Heavy Duty Projects, UK

Tom Fekkes & Yanick Pilgram

Post supervisor, Pupkin, NL

Tom Tukker

Composer, Producer & Music Director, Tom Tukker Music, NL

Valerie Dobbelaere

Film Music Publicist, Strike A Score, BE