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The Three Biggest Pitfalls in Pitching, and How To Avoid Them

It is not always easy to present your qualities in a straightforward manner to a potential client, partner, producer, or other stakeholder. In this blogpost you will find the three biggest pitfalls and how to avoid them. Having a powerful pitch ready will help you to achieve professional goals faster, attract new clients and partners,

InSync with… Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Deep dive with us into the work of music professionals, get behind the scenes information and plunge into their creative processes. Today, we’re InSync with Karolien Mazereeuw-Coolen, Head of Sync at Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

InSync with… Modern Day Composers

Buma Music in Motion is all about making meaningful connections between the music and media industry. InSync is a new, recurring column where music agencies, sync agencies and composers get the chance to talk about their top-notch productions of 2020. We will deep dive into their work, unlock behind the scenes information and plunge into

How to BMIM matchmaking

We asked some of our speakers to share their do’s and dont’s in networking in general and specifically in our One on Ones.