15:00 - 16:00

I’m With The Brand: Goldband & Danique over de Kracht van Commerciële Samenwerkingen

This activity has already taken place.

As an artist, is co-creation with a brand a good idea? How do you know if the brand matches your image and vice versa? In this panel we discuss these and other questions with Goldband, who affiliated with the Ik Ben De BOB campaign of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. After the successful case with Snelle and Smoorverliefd, Interpolis recently launched the new campaign ‘Mis Niks’, which focuses on Danique’s track Later Als Ik Groot Ben.

Music is ideal for conveying emotion – something that artists can do like no other and that brands strive for in every form of communication. Where these two parties work together, special creative projects arise from which both benefit.

During this ESNS x BMIM panel, we question both parties on the basis of their cases. We discuss the relationship between music and brand with the management of Goldband, who wrote the music for the Ik Ben De BOB campaign, and the advertising agency, who is jointly responsible for the creation. And with Interpolis, where Brand Strategist Kim Smulders will elaborate on how music always plays a major role in their commercial expressions.

As an artist, how do you know that a campaign fits your image and what was the creative process like? Why is a particular band and/or artist so attractive to a client? And why is it important to put music at the center of campaigns? These and other pressing questions from the audience will be answered in detail.