12:00 - 17:00

Immersive 3D Audio Listening Experience – Music Booth by BMIM

MXT Hide Out (Grote Markt 20, Groningen) — Part of BMIM x MXT 2024
This activity has already taken place.

Let yourself be absorbed in Immersive 3D Audio recordings and transported into the immersive music of artists such as: Sam Feldt, David Guetta & Afrojack, Joep Beving, Tiesto, Max Cooper, Mason & The Metropole Orkest, and Chagall in this Immersive 3D Audio listening experience at MXT’24! Focused on the future of sound and music experiences, Future Phonic Studios is a production company specialised in 3D sound founded by Richard Burki & Teodora Dimcheva in 2014. Future Phonic Studios produces immersive experiences for world-class movie and theatre productions, designs audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality, crafts unique location-based experiences that have garnered millions of visitors and works on Grammy-nominated music projects culminating in billions of streams.

Teodora Dimcheva

Founder, Future Phonic Studios, NL

A marketing and communications professional, project and brand manager, and the co-founder of Future Phonic Studios, Teodora’s passion lies at the intersection of creativity and innovation.

Her background in the field of the music business and marketing brings a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking and project management expertise, which have led to the proven success of delivering impactful results, not just as a practitioner but a forward-thinking professional thriving on collaboration and working at cross-functional teams to bring ideas to life.

With a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends, Teodora has helped build Future Phonic Studios’ brand from the ground up since 2014. Since then, the studio has become an established leader in the Immersive Audio Music Production field and its versatility encompasses recording, mixing, sound design, and music production for a variety of clients and projects for UMG, WMG, Deutsche Grammophon, Spinnin’ Records; as well as world-class artists such as Tiesto, Joep Beving, The Metropole Orchestra, Afrojack, Sam Feldt, Max Cooper, Bakermat, David Guetta, Mason, Chagall & more.

Richard Burki

Composer/ Producer/ Engineer, Future Phonic Studios, NL

Richard Burki is a Grammy Certified Dutch/Bulgarian music producer, sound designer, audio engineer, and founder of Future Phonic Studios renowned for producing 3D auditory experiences for music, theatre, film, virtual and augmented reality as well as location based experiences and venues.

Burki’s distinctive approach to mixing in 3D formats such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 RA has become widely recognised and Future Phonic Studios; a verified and recommended service partner for the likes of UMG, WMG, Deutsche Grammophon and Spinnin Records, has garnered cumulative streams in excess of 3 billion plays.

The studio’s versatility encompasses recording, mixing, sound design and music production for a variety of clients in genres ranging from Neoclassical to EDM and for artists as diverse as Tiesto, The Metropole Orchestra, Joep Beving, Afrojack, Sam Feldt, Max Cooper, Mason, Bakermat, David Guetta, The Echo Collective, Ben Lukas Boysen, Dragonette, OwnBoss, Sevek, Lucas & Steve, Tyga, Michael Stearns, and Oceanic.

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