Fri 22 Mar '24

BMIM x Generation Inclusion 2024 – Case Study

Film Museum Eye, Amsterdam
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While shooting a movie, there are a lot of different disciplines that must work together. Composers, directors, sound designers and editors need to have a good flow to make sure the movie comes out just how they intended it to be. How does that creative process work? Join us on 22 March (midday) during a Case Study. It’s free, you only need to sign up via e-mail.

This year we are discussing the film Paria. Speakers include composer Arend Bruijn, director Edson da Conceicao and producer Nicky Onstenk (IJswater Films).

This event is in collaboration with Generation Inclusion.

Arend Bruijn


Arend Bruijn is an award-nominated composer specialised in music for film. His musical versatility and curiosity to explore storytelling through sound, make him an invaluable collaborator for any production in need of unique, captivating music. In addition to his work as a composer, Arend is also a teacher at the film music master department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he shares his knowledge and expertise with the next generation of filmmakers. With each project Arend searches for a unique musical style to support the story and add depth to the narrative. His classical background, combined with his curiosity of different musical styles and a broad sound palette. His specialty, however lies in orchestral music, ranging from epic and grandiose to warm and playful scores.

Edson da Conceicao


Edson da Conceicao (Rotterdam, 1987) graduated from the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam in 2008 at the age of 20. Still too ‘young and inexperienced’ for the Dutch Film Academy, Edson chose to work as a freelancer in the film industry. In the following years, he took on various assignments. As an assistant director, recording manager, cameraman, editor and Motion Graphics Designer for various (short) films and commercial, Edson broadens his knowledge and experience. He now has several titles to his name, as well as several prizes. A true storyteller, Edson knew from an early age that he wanted to touch people’s hearts. Growing up in Spangen, Rotterdam and with an enormous fascination for personal stories, Edson always tries to capture the authenticity of his characters: ‘Good or bad, everyone has their own truth!’

Nicky Onstenk

Producer, IJswater Films, NL

Nicky Onstenk graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2019 and soon after started working as a producer for IJswater Films. She has since achieved success in producing notable short films like “Spotless” (Winner of the Berlinale Crystal Bear 2022) and “Magma” (Berlinale Generation 2023), along with documentaries including “Dunya” (2021) and “Luc” (2022). In April 2024, the thriller/horror feature “Pariah” is set to have its international premiere at the Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival. Additionally, several new features are currently in development.

Laura Bell

Music supervisor, Bell Music Supervision, NL

As conservatorium-trained and seasoned music industry executive, having worked in roles as record label manager, sync director and managing director for production music, Bell is now proud to be an advocate for the craft of music supervision, shaping many soundtracks over the past four years for Dutch and international films, documentaries and series. Credits include Steve McQueen’s Occupied City, Netflix’ Stromboli and Happy Ending, Amazon’s Modern Love Amsterdam series, Cannes-nominated drama series Childhood Dreams, Dana Nechushtan’s Piece of My Heart, Aaron Rookus’ Goodbye Stranger and Sacha Polak’s Silver Haze.

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