BMIM x ESNS Sync Writing Camp

Artist Village ESNS (Zaanstraat 20, Groningen) — Part of BMIM x ESNS 2024
This activity has already taken place.

The Buma Music in Motion Sync Writing Camp will take place for the fourth time at ESNS 2024. Six composers get the chance to work on inspiring real briefs from national and international advertising agencies.

The lucky six get the opportunity to expand their commercial skills and showcase their talent to a large audience. The composers will be divided into two teams, each with their own assignment. For two days, they will work together in the pop-up studios specially designed for this writing camp. And there will be a few music creatives on hand to give them some guidance. The results will be discussed in a panel at the ESNS Conference on 19 January. A fantastic opportunity to let your composing skills shine!

ESNS is undoubtedly Europe’s epicentre for music. What better place to show off writing talent than at a Sync Writing Camp? We can’t wait to hear what the composers create!

The BMIM x ESNS Sync Writing Camp is powered by Dutch Music Export and CreativeNL. Meet the music creatives here:

Terese Gustafsson

Music Creative

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden with an unwavering passion and love for music, film, and adventure, Terese has spent the past nine years living and working in Los Angeles and Berlin. During this time, she has taken on multiple roles and projects at the intersection of music and media. Previously, as the Senior Creative Manager & Europe Lead for boutique sync agency PUSHER, Sync A&R for SILO, Music Coordinator for HTGR and Berlin based Music Supervisor Milena Fessmann. Terese has gained a deep understanding and experience in all aspects of sync. Her expertise extends from discovering, signing, and pitching music to bespoke music creation, curation and licensing for various visual mediums, whether it’s for film, television, brands, or entertainment marketing. Some of the projects Terese has been involved in include “Conny Plank – The Potential of Noise” (documentary film), “Gotham” (TV series), “Empire of Light” (film trailer), “Joker” (film trailer), “Black Mirror” Season 5 & 6 (TV promos), “Euphoria” (TV promo), Call of Duty (game trailer) and commercials for brands such as Lancôme, Renault, and Calvin Klein.

Terese has recently returned to Sweden and is now focusing on music supervision and sync consultation in a freelance capacity while pursuing further studies in film.

Emeline Marabelle

sync rep, Bellemeute, FR

Emeline Marabelle serves as the founder and creative director of Bellemeute, experts in sync and music composition. The agency collaborates closely with independent catalogues and composers, actively promoting their music to advertising agencies, music supervisors, and film production companies. Our goal is to facilitate creative music collaborations between Bellemeute’s unique artists and content creators in the advertising, film & TV industries. Emeline also works as head of programmation and editorial at Les Arcs Film Festival.

Tom Tukker

Composer, Producer & Music Director, Tom Tukker Music, NL

Tom Tukker is a globally operating music creative, producer, composer and singer from the Netherlands, specialized in music for moving media. He has over 10 years of experience as a music professional and worked previously at global music agency MassiveMusic and as lecturer at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Tom had the honor to provide brands like Heineken, UEFA, Nike, Adidas, Toyota and many more with the perfect score for their brand or commercial. He believes that music is the most intuitive key to people’s hearts. Therefore it deserves full attention, dedication and craft to get the most out of every story, recording and brand message.

Seppl Kretz

Seppl Kretz

creative director, Magma Music Agency, NL

Being a musician at heart, Seppl started his career as a composer and keyboard player for a variety of bands. With those bands he reached the pop-charts multiple times and played festivals like Sziget, Roskilde and Lowlands. His adventures eventually brought him into the world of music production and supervision for advertising and film. Where he, as creative director at Sizzer; won multiple awards for music on campaigns such as Diesel, Schweppes, Heineken, Skoda and others. Seppl is now at the helm of his own agency, Magma Music Agency.

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