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Talent Tuner

Hotel Arena, Nº1 — Part of BMIM Special 2024

You pour your heart and soul into your music and want to show it off to the world. The most valuable thing you can get during this process is real feedback. That’s where the Talent Tuner comes in. It’s your chance to connect with industry maestros, get insightful feedback from eleven professionals and tune in! Elevate your craft to new heights with expert advice, networking, and a collaborative spirit.

Picture this: it’s a chance to present your work to the who’s who of media music. These pros are ready to share their tips and strategies. All in a nurturing environment surrounded by people who want to see you shine. We’ve got you covered!

Register via the application form below. You can request up to three meetings in total. After the deadline we will create all matches based on profiles and motivations. We strive to match everyone’s preferences as much as possible, but we cannot make any guarantees.


Ella Sonke

Founder & Business Director, Heron Music, NL

Ella is the founder of Heron Music. She started her company together with partner Guido Maat, creative heart and main composer, in 2020. They make soundtracks for advertising, (feature) film and the fashion industry, for clients such as Rituals, Vinted and cinema film Costa. They are very connected with the international music industry through collaborations with label Cloud 9, different artists, producers, composers and instrumentalists, and attach great value to these relationships. Their mission is to clear the grey area surrounding custom composition, to create more trust and freedom to benefit the creative process, also taking into account current technological developments. As a result, they have already managed to set up successful permanent partnerships with various brands and advertising agencies.

Gyo Kretz

A&R Manager / Music Producer, Magma Music Agency, NL

Gyo Kretz is an A&R Manager and Music Producer at Magma Music Agency, where he’s dedicated to sourcing fresh talent and shaping their sound for international campaigns. With a track record of success, Gyo has contributed to major brands like Pokémon, Heineken and McDonalds, ensuring their commercials are accompanied by top-level music. Besides his role at Magma, Gyo makes waves as a composer too, which earned him numerous awards (multiple platinum and golden plaques) for his work with other artists.

Maik Cox

Head of Music Production, Amp.Amsterdam, NL

Maik’s musical journey began with nine years of classical percussion, followed by graduating as a composer from the Pop Academy. Continuing his musical pursuits, he expanded into DJing and producing, performing over 1500 shows across The Netherlands and Europe. Alongside his solo career, he collaborated with over 30 artists, producing chart-topping records. In 2020, he joined Amp.Amsterdam, swiftly rising to Head of Music Production. His passion for film and advertising music shines in award-winning campaigns, reflecting his remarkable dedication to the art of sound.

Matthijs Kieboom

Composer, DFC, NL

Matthijs Kieboom has been an active composer since 2009. His style can be described as thematic and melodic and in terms of sound it is a boundless fusion of genres & unique sounds. Matthijs has written the scores for productions such as Van Der Valk, Meskina, Pirates Down The Street, Hemelrijken, and the nature documentaries Wolf and Wild. In 2011, Matthijs received the Young Composer Award at the Transatlantyk Festival, the Young Talent Award in Krakow at the FMF and also won the Buma Film Music Award for the score of the successful film Loving Ibiza. In addition Matthijs is also the principal teacher “Film and Game composition” at the ArtEZ conservatory in Enschede.

Mees van der Velde

Music Producer / A&R, Sizzer, NL

Mees van der Velde is a Music Producer and A&R at the award-winning music agency Sizzer from Amsterdam. He started his career as a composer for film and advertising after completing his education at the Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU). Here he specialized in music for media. At Sizzer, Mees has collaborated with a wide range of different major brands and organizations – including Adidas: one of his recent projects was the music production for the reveal of the new shirt of the German national football team, for which he, with the ream, recorded a cover of “Major Tom” by Peter Schilling. Shortly afterwards, the German cult hit was officially declared the new “Torhymne” of the German team.

Niels den Otter

Founder/Owner & Executive Producer, Audentity, NL

With a passion for music ignited at a young age, Niels was immersed in a family where melodies filled the air. From the age of 7 – embracing the violin, piano, and guitar – he crafted a foundation for his musical journey. During high-school years Niels joined a skate-punk band which evolved further to being a professional vinyl DJ at the age of 16! After graduating from HKU and the University of Portsmouth and working for several studios (FC Walvisch, Sizzer) on national and international campaigns, Niels started Audentity in 2011. An audio production agency based in Amsterdam that creates tailor-made audio identities and soundtracks for amazing brands.

Niels van der Wielen

Senior Composer and A&R Manager, MassiveMusic, NL

Niels, a gifted Senior Composer and A&R Manager, embarked on his musical voyage as a classical piano enthusiast, only to have his world transformed by the raw energy of rock ‘n’ roll. The pivotal moment came after attending an Oasis concert, inspiring him to master the guitar and form Orange Skyline with his brother in 2009. Having graced stages from Pinkpop to the Ziggo Dome, Niels’s journey through music led him to the Conservatory, where he graduated with a Master of Music, cum laude. His diverse talents flourished at MassiveMusic, evolving from a producer to his current roles. Beyond composing, Niels excels in discovering and nurturing new talent for MassiveMusic, seamlessly weaving between genres – from electrifying rock to crafting pop hits and arranging the UEFA Women’s Champions League anthem. His journey underscores a relentless pursuit of musical innovation and excellence.

Roos Herbrink

Client Lead Brands & Advertising, Clear Music, NL

When the Spice Girls were at the Dutch stop of their 1998 world tour, it became clear Roos wanted to work in the music industry. Discovering new artists and dragging friends along to concerts would soon become her greatest hobby. After graduating she became sales manager at Epidemic Sound, a then start up from Sweden wanting to break ground in the Netherlands. It was during this time that she discovered her affinity with music and sound in film. After working for Universal Music (as a social media expert) and Universal Music Publishing (as an A&R Creative), she has now returned to music in film at Clear Music, where she will be responsible for the Brands & Advertising clients.

Steve Johnsen

Founder & Music Producer, Never Square Music, NL

Steve Johnsen, a music producer, guitarist, and DJ from Amsterdam and the founder of Never Square Music, began his musical journey at the age of three with a guitar from his Norwegian grandfather. As a guitarist, he played in various bands and won the Grote Prijs van Nederland with Lemonseven. After studying Marketing Communications, he worked as a producer in advertising music at MassiveMusic and Antfood. In 2022, he founded Never Square Music, specializing in music and sound productions for artists, brands, and creators (credits: ASICS, Basic-Fit, Guus Meeuwis, KPN, RTL, Omroep Zwart, Ziggo and more). During the pandemic, he earned an Advanced Diploma from the renowned Abbey Road Institute. Now, he produces for up-and-coming talents such as Rachel Rhea and Leeghoofd, in line with his mission to help artists to become the best version of themselves and support them in making their best work of their lives.

Tom Tukker

Composer, Producer & Music Director, Tom Tukker Music, NL

Tom Tukker is a globally operating music creative, producer, composer and singer from the Netherlands, specialized in music for moving media. He has over 10 years of experience as a music professional and worked previously at global music agency MassiveMusic and as lecturer at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Tom had the honor to provide brands like Heineken, UEFA, Nike, Adidas, Toyota and many more with the perfect score for their brand or commercial. He believes that music is the most intuitive key to people’s hearts. Therefore it deserves full attention, dedication and craft to get the most out of every story, recording and brand message.

Willemijn BMIM sprekers

Willemijn van Hussen

Founder, TAMBR, NL

Willemijn is pianist, marketer, and economist. With a proven entrepreneurial track record in the creative sector and a keen ear for musical talent, she is on a mission to build a better sounding world. For brands and creators alike. As founder of TAMBR Willemijn makes music work for brands and creators alike, by offering fair deals for composers, a thoughtful sonic branding approach and optimal ease of use for customers. Together with their network of producers, composers and musicians, the TAMBR team is are on a mission to eliminate meaningless stock music, fuzzy briefings and complex and unfair licenses. Onwards to a better sounding world, one brand at a time.

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