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2024 is here, this is what you can expect

2023 was iconic. A lot of events, matchmaking sessions, writing camps and much more. It has us feeling a bit nostalgic. But most of all proud. Time to look back at 2023 and beyond good intentions, because 2024 is going to be promising! Read all about the iconic moments of 2023 and get a glimpse of what you can expect in 2024.

This overview is tentative. Dates and activities are subject to change.


The deadline for submitting your work for the Music in Media Awards 2024 is extended. Grab this chance with both hands and submit your work. Not sure why you should submit your work? Check out all all the reasons here.

Or submit your work now

Buma Music in Media Awards 2023 aftermovie

Check out the aftermovie of Buma Music in Media Awards 2023. Feel the vibe and get ready for Buma Music in Media Awards 2024.


In February you can respond to the open call for the matchmaking session with Generation Inclusion. Do you have something to say? Do you want to show how colourful the Dutch film and television world is? Stay in the loop and be ready to be one of the participants for BMIM x Generation Inclusion.

Check out the previous participants BMIM x Generation Inclusion

Matchmaking BMIM x Generation Inclusion

Not sure what to expect during a matchmaking session? Expect deep conversations, the tips of experienced composers and real connections. The photos speak for themself.

Read more about Generation Inclusion.

BMIM Special AI panel header


Ah, the month where spring is just around the corner! But you will not only hear the birds chirping, you will also hear the news around Buma Music in Motion Special! In March it is time to get your tickets.

Read about the panels on Buma Cultuur

BMIM Special 2023

Another aftermovie? Yes! We just can’t get enough.

Open call Lions Sync Mission 2023


At this time of the year, we will be in full swing! You can write down two activities in your agenda in April. First up is the open call for Go Short, the short film festival. Next up, the open call for Lions Sync Writing Camp. Oui, oui! We go international. Are you coming?

Check out the vibe

BMIM x Go Short 2023

Rather Go Short in Nijmegen than international? Check out the photos below.

Go Short participants 2023 photo
Go Short participants 2023 photo 2
Go Short participants 2023 photo 3
Go Short participants 2023 photo 4
Go Short participants 2023 photo 5
Go Short participants 2023 photo 6


The preparations has begun. It’s not time yet, but you can enjoy the pre-fun. Because May is the month when you can get your hands on tickets for BMIM x ADE. It’s the ADE-event most composers look forward to each year. Meet the gang again and meet new people. Get inspired and close the day with fun networking drinks.

The iconic moments of BMIM x ADE 2023
NFF x BMIM Script & Score


In June we will take our first summer break of hosting events. But we won’t sit still. Because in July we are back with the two open calls for BMIM x NFF (Nederlands Film Festival) ánd the open call for another Sync Mission Writers Camp, this time in another country. Sync Mission is an event for the more advanced composers, who already have a track record and are ready to build further on their existing foundation!

Read all about NFF Script & Score en NFF Holland Film Meeting x REwriteIT

Check out the previous Sync Mission in LA


The second summer break of hosting events is in August. In September we’ll kick off the new season with the open call for IDFA. The program Producers Connection of International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA) will help you to expand your network in the documentary industry during BMIM x IDFA Producers Connection.

More about BMIM x IDFA Producers Connection


One open call not enough? We got you! In September the second open call is also in collaboration with IDFA, with the name IDFAcademy. During IDFA Project Space NL six composers will get the change to broaden their network.

Matchmakingsessies BMIM x ADE 2023


Are you ready? In October it is time to secure your spot at BMIM x ADE matchmaking session. Every year some composers come to Amsterdam, hoping there is still a spot available during the matchmaking sessions. We have to let people down. Don’t be one of those people and make sure you respond to the open call in October!

This was BMIM x ADE 2023

BMIM x ADE 2023

The photos below will show you just how great this conference for (international) composers in media music is. This blog about the iconic moments during ADE 2023 will show you in words.

Matchmakingsessies BMIM x ADE 2023
Matchmakingsessies BMIM x ADE 2023
Matchmakingsessies BMIM x ADE 2023
Matchmakingsessies BMIM x ADE 2023


The end of the year is near. But we are not backing down. We are finishing strong. And what better way to close the year than with some creativity? In November you can respond to the last open call for a Writers Camp, in collaboration with ESNS.

Get the facts about ESNS Writers Camp


In December we are looking forward to a new year. A new year full of events with just one mission: we want to find and value the music we use in media. In December it’s time to collect all the talents in media music, because the registration for Buma Music in Media Awards are open!